Dating services lacross wi

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Dating services lacross wi

Because of these fundamental facts, Smallwood once again reminds readers to not take their lives for granted. The final section is entitled, "Refractions," and it deals with possible changes of the path that light travels on.In spite of the complexity of this concept within physics, Smallwood still masterfully gives this concept a sense of beauty with her poetry.

The poem contains repetition of the line, "When the doctor said cataract surgery wouldn't help, I sighed." Sighing is symbolic of being able to breathe, and that the air people breathe really is a blessing.

Smallwood has a very wise introduction because she teaches readers to treasure light for its ability to let people function.

Not much might be known about light, but people can still appreciate that blessing.

Prisms, Particles, and Refractions Carol Smallwood Finishing Line Press https:// .99, PB, 108 pages, Phoung Reviewer Blending Beauty with Science Some might believe that art and science are nothing more than two different academic subjects that are part of school.

They might also make the argument that art involves imagination while science involves reasoning.

The cuttlefish symbolize the majesty of natural wonder that people are blessed to have.

Even though some animals might be dangerous, like snakes, other animals offer companionship.Within this poem, the main subject has vision problems, which might or might not have been caused by light.Smallwood offers a different look at light as a symbol because it can be interpreted as a blessing and a curse.Smallwood also briefly discusses how people take light for granted, and that light is one of the greatest mysteries of the universe.Smallwood divides her poetry collection to cover three topics about physics.For example, the poem, "The Sun Acquires" reveals how sunlight really is a blessing.

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