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Social class distinctions were accompanied by changing house forms that indicated expanding households. Although Captains Jose Maria Narvaez of Spain and George Vancouver of England explored the Georgia Strait in 17, respectively, they did not reach the Fraser River or Stó:lō territory.

In the early 21st century, a group of structures known variously as the Fraser Valley Pyramids or Scowlitz Mounds at Harrison Bay, near Chehalis, are under investigation by a joint task force of the Scowlitz First Nation and archaeologists.The early inhabitants of the area were highly mobile hunter-gatherers.There is archeological evidence of a settlement in the lower Fraser Canyon (called "the Milliken site") and a seasonal encampment ("the Glenrose Cannery site") near the mouth of the Fraser River., alternately written as Stó:lō, Stó:lô, or Stó:lõ and historically, as Staulo or Stahlo, and historically known and commonly referred to in ethnographic literature as the Fraser River Indians or Lower Fraser Salish, are a group of First Nations peoples inhabiting the Fraser Valley and lower Fraser Canyon of British Columbia, Canada.Stó:lō is the Halqemeylem word for "river." The Stó:lō are the river people.There are two major eras found in the dig, one 3000BP and the other from 5000-9000BP .

Both indicate posthole and timber-frame construction and advanced social and economic life.There are two main theories for how the smallpox virus first reached the Stó:lō in late 1782.The first is that the disease came up from Mexico spreading with overland travelers, the second and more likely theory is that it was brought to the coast through trade routes with Europeans.The now extinct Coast Salish wooley dog appeared for the first time during this period.Among the oldest archaeological digs in Canada is Xá:ytem, at Hatzic, just east of present-day Mission.Additional archaeological evidence from the early period has been found throughout the region, including sites at Stave Lake, Coquitlam Lake, and Fort Langley.