Dating the wasr 10 romanian

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Dating the wasr 10 romanian

If you thoroughly let it dry it may develop some crusty crystals on the wood which you will want to wipe off before applying another coat.I went through multiple sessions of applying the red dye and with each sessions, I’d wipe some of the excess off and apply again and again before letting it dry.

) My guess is the oil is to keep the wood from cooking off from the heat of the barrel. In the photo to the left you can see on the butttstock the leftover stain where it would not be visible.

Only thing is I’m not a huge fan of the blonde furniture and the dull black finish. As always, pay utmost attention to gun safety rules! I found a good video showing the simple process of disassembling the rifle and removing the wood buttstock and upper/lower handguards.

So even before I had an opportunity to fire it I was already digging into the project with a goal to refinish the wood in a deep red tone and age the somewhat glossy black finish. There’s plenty of publications and resources for dissasembly and servicing an AK-47 so I won’t cover that aspect of this project.

Be careful not to let it pool into spots on the wood, which could result in heavy red spots. Once I had the tone of red that I wanted, I let it dry for several days.

The result was a stunning, rich deep redwood color.

From what I understand, you don’t want to use steel wool as it will leave black marks on the wood.

I left it dry over night, then the next day I used 150 grit sand paper to lightly sand off any glossy spots and left over stain.

I get varying stories about Tung Oil, what it is and what the finish will be.

My goal was to seal the wood with a flat or semi-gloss sealant so that it will not leach the red dye or pick up dirt in the wood grain.

It was about then that I came across a page by a guy who bought a new Romanian WASR and did just what I wanted to do.

That sparked the idea of refinishing my own *new* AK and give it that desired “distressed” look.

Not exact science, I did until I was satisfied with the tone of color.