Dating zippers

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Dating zippers - meet up dating

By far the most complex panty-girdle is the one illustrated to the right.

We have mentioned the occasion in corsetiere's anecdotes (also described below), however, it started my husband and I considering some of the more powerful panty-girdles that we have encountered, or about which we have heard stories.

The example on the left below is currently available from Latin America and sold in various American outlets.

It is specifically designed to flatten the post-pregnancy tummy, and judging by the description, "six straps secure a light, but rigid panel", it will do so very effectively.

It was amazing that such an essentially simple garment could prove so complex with multiple layers of elastic and satin, bones, hooks-and-eyes, zippers and sometimes straps and buckles.

Playtex even thought that constructing the device from rubber (.

Certainly, I know of several women wearing zippered girdles who have managed to jam the zip on the little satin tag attached thereto.

Infinite patience is required to set oneself free, or an expensive mistake will occur.Of course it does, but it doesn't replace firm young muscles, nor does it encourage them either!!), but they seem to have become the preserve of the Latin countries, that is Italy, Spain and Latin America.Traditionally, this could be achieved by wearing a corset, and, to be honest, this garment is close to that description.The danger, as every mother informs her daughters, is that the girdle is returning the figure to normal, not the body's own muscles.Whether this is levity, or simple ignorance of the subject is sometimes unclear, however, I could forgive these women for describing the garmentbelt to twin zippers, waist cincher, back steels, straps, belts, hooks-and-eyes, and, of course, Camp just had to add its 'adjustaband' control!