Demand forecast updating

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Although the labor market has steadily strengthened, wage growth has remained slow in recent years.

The Federal Reserve is moving towards more normal monetary policy, which means rising interest rates.Estimating a causal link from slack to wage growth using national data is difficult.However, using city-level data over the past 25 years shows that the cross-city relationship has weakened since the Great Recession.However, other current factors, such as low interest rates, caution against bearish forecasts. The years ahead will require a balanced approach, guided by the data.The following is adapted from remarks by the president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco at the 54th Annual Economic Forecast, Phoenix, AZ, on November 29.Notably, modest increases in health-care prices, which have been held down by mandated cuts to the growth of Medicare payments, have helped moderate overall inflation.

Further slow growth in health-care prices is likely to remain a drag on inflation.

Official measurements typically approximate price changes from such creative destruction using price changes for products that were not replaced.

This can lead to overstating inflation and, in turn, understating economic growth.

The model predicts a modest decline in the ratio over the next decade.

All else being equal, such a decline would imply lower stock returns relative to those in recent years when the ratio was rising.

A recent estimate suggests that around 0.6 percentage point of growth is missed per year.