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Episode 239: Local Girl Mysteriously Disappears An undead ghoul from the 18th century kidnaps a waitress from the local coffee shop, puts her in his dead girlfriend’s wedding dress and takes her on a make-believe date. Episode 240: Open House We review the appropriate security protocol for vampires who have a hypnotized girl on the premises. Snuffleupagus Another etiquette lesson for the criminally insane: How to react when you find uninvited guests hanging out in your house with your brainwashed girlfriend. Woodard thinks he’s going to find out who kidnapped Maggie by looking at her blood tests. Woodard shows up at the Old House and asks Willie for another blood sample, which is a totally normal thing that doctors do.Burke is concerned, but not enough to remember his lines past sentence four. Episode 244: Indecent Proposal This episode is basically a series of escalating dares between Liz and Jason, like a very slow and dramatic game of chicken.

Also, Sam Evans has 22 words to say; let’s see how many he can remember before the end of the scene.Episode 212: The Collins Blood We learn several reasons why you shouldn’t play in a haunted house.Episode 213: I’m Upset About Something I explain why . Episode 214: Very Much Alive Barnabas talks about pyramids and plaster for a while.Episode 233: All Wet It’s raining, so Vicki and Carolyn sit around in the drawing room and talk about how scared they are. Woodard tells Sam that Maggie’s going to be hit by a car. Episode 237: Cold Case Sheriff Patterson was up all night searching for Maggie.Now he’s sitting on the couch and talking about how discouraged he is.Episode 228: Those Things in That Room What things? Epsiode 229: Thirst World Problems Maggie’s lost a lot of blood.

You know, those things in that room in the basement. She’ll probably find it in the last place she looks.

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Introduction: Satan’s Favorite TV Show Barnabas Collins appears at the White House to frighten underprivileged children.

Episode 238: Unreal Estate Vicki and Carolyn just walk right into the Old House and look around.

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    She gave them only “surface” information, not even if Sam ever got a parking ticket. HBO produced a really HOT version of the Sam and Phyllis romance and although they took great license with the real story it is one of my favorite films to watch often.

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    Information about human sexuality grew, and with it an acceptance of all types of sexual orientations is becoming more common.

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    Nowhere else will you find such a wealth of original buildings dating from the Middle Ages.