Edgar ramirez dating jessica chastain

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The film marks the directorial debut of Aaron Sorkin (writer of ), and its main recommendation, aside from the brilliance of Chastain, is Sorkin’s ingeniously crafted screenplay.Biopics and courtroom dramas are staples of the release schedules. They take us through their subjects’ lives in rigidly chronological fashion or mechanically present arguments for the prosecution and defence. He jumps into Molly’s story headfirst, leaps backwards and forwards in time, and gives her a voice-over to fill us in quickly on the details that less inventive films would labour over.

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Prey to the “unfair whims of men”, she (not they) is put on trial.and she is back again here as the equally driven heroine, Molly Bloom.Molly is a former Winter Olympics hopeful who earned fame and wealth but then courted notoriety and disgrace by hosting high-stakes poker games for Hollywood stars, hedge-fund managers and Russian mobsters.Sanctuary (15) ★★★★☆ It’s a sad reflection on the narrow-mindedness of UK cinemas that so few have been prepared to book Len Collin’s funny, big-hearted and affecting new comedy-drama.The film follows a group of characters with “intellectual disabilities” on a day out to the cinema in Galway with their hapless but well-meaning young care worker, Tom (Robert Doherty).The press write about her as if she is poker’s equivalent to Hollywood madam, Heidi Fleiss.

In fact, she is discreet, hard-working and enterprising.

She is as alert to her own vanity and delusions as she is to everyone else’s.

What makes her such a refreshing movie character is her complete lack of self-pity and her refusal to make excuses, even when things go very wrong. The real Molly ran poker games with a ,000 buy-in at the Viper Room in Los Angeles.

The film has been credited with changing a law in Ireland which (until recently) made it illegal for those with intellectual disabilities to have sexual relationships.

Christian O’Reilly’s screenplay combines elements from the typical feel-good drama with harsher insights into the lives of the protagonists.

They’re all yearning to escape the strictures of their supervisors, who, however well-meaning, treat them as if they are children or dolts.

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