Female masterbation

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Female masterbation

Safety: All electrical components are high quality, and fuse protected. We include a spare fuse with each V2000, should you ever need one.Sleek, Discrete and Ambiguous: All components of the V2000 are black, including: the case, handle, feet, power cord, remote control cord, remote control box, and even the tubing. It has an attractive, yet nondescript black textured housing.

The V2000 utilizes stroking action combined with the push and pull of air at a high speed through a specially designed diaphragm.This generates an extremely pleasurable sensation on the penis and allows the user to experience fully satisfying orgasms at his convenience.The V2000 will work on an erect, semi-erect or flaccid penis.Axis Multi-Angle Blue Cock Bull Hand-Held Ceasar 3.0 Diva Tool Box Lover Fetish Fantasy Portable F-Machine Gigolo F-Machine Pro Inflatable Love Lounger Jaxxx Hammer 2.0 Love Glider Maestro Multi-Facet Milker Stroker Machine My Diletto Chair Orgasm Ball Pandoras Box Pleasure Pole Portable Cock Power Banger Power Tool Series Remote Control Ride On Robo Fuk Saddle Sex Machine Sex Box Undercover Shock Spot Sybian for Women Thrill Pillow Tricky Dicky Tricky Dicky PRO Thrusting & Rotating Sex Machine Versa Fuk Comparison Chart The Venus 2000 is a hands free masturbation device with controllable stroking action, giving powerfully and satisfying orgasms. Venus 2000 is a revolutionary hands-free masturbation aid that delivers intensely powerful orgasms.The unique natural gum rubber liner delivers a realistic and familiar feel while the stroking action brings you to full orgasm at your desired pace. Simply insert yourself in the lubricated liner, turn on the unit and adjust the stroke length and speed.Quality Gearmotor: The unit is powered by a high quality 1/16 HP Bodine Electric Co. Heart of the System: The specially engineered, one-of-a-kind diaphragm is the heart of the system.

It has the ability to push and pull air and high rates of speed creating extreme sensation, all while remaining virtually silent. It generates minimal sound and is almost inaudible at slower speeds.All cords and hoses disconnect from the unit for easy convenient storage.When traveling you can identify it any way you wish.Easy Setup: In under 2 minutes the unit can be set up and ready for use.Easy to Put Away: With the purchase of the Zippered Bag, all accessory parts can be put away in moments.There are Four Accessory Attachments available for the V2000. Its design and purpose is to provide the user with gratifying hands free masturbation in conjunction with the V2000 system, with or without an erection.

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