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By using chained-CPI, individuals and families will move in to higher tax brackets more quickly than they would have under the prior system. And those layers are often forgotten by the 'Money is simple! Given how little Walmart would have to raise prices for example (pennies on most products) to pay its workers a living wage, and yet they don't do it, we can't ever assume corps will pay people more or lower prices or raise environmental standards or whatever else unless they are forced to. Certain aspects of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act seem to explicitly target citizens in high tax states, which tend to be blue states, such as limiting the SALT deduction.Yeah, I think there's many layers to that question. In this case, tax policy also seems to be playing politics.

Learn different types of networks, concepts, architecture and...These abbreviations and emoticons are also frequently used when people send messages on mobile phones.s, keep in mind that different chat abbreviations are used by different groups of people.I think that’s absolutely the point of some of the bill.As a low earner in a red state, I think another goal here is to also stop people from moving to blue states.We've always itemized while working, but 2017 will be our last itemizing year, so timing is good for us in that sense.

We paid off our house this year so stopped benefiting from the mortgage interest deduction anyway, but it's a little scary to think about a potential housing crash in the expensive cities/states that the loss of the deduction could trigger.

I like that the tax bill knocks the feet from under the mortgage interest deduction.

This will potentially impact home prices in already-expensive cities, slowing the rate at which housing becomes unaffordable.

Prosecutors also showed evidence to the court which depicted a photograph of a boy labeled as if he were an animal being prepared for slaughter, with parts of his body indicated as 'steaks' and 'shanks'.

Instead of being subjected to my "thoughts" and "expertise" all on their own, they will thankfully be hidden among those of some actually intelligent and accomplished experts in the personal finance community.

For example, online gamers are likely to use text abbreviations not used by a financial blogger.

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