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Fino The classic aperitif sherry, aged under a cloak of flor, fino is pungent and sharp, yet delicate, with a bone-dry finish.

Fino sherry should be treated like a white wine, served chilled and drunk within a day or two of opening.

In 1709 James Carberry’s Brewery, the brewery in which some of this country’s world renowned brewers began their trade, was established in the town centre.

A town steeped in history and with a long association with brewing is the ideal place to brew fantastic beers, and to write our own brewing history – in the case, the story of the dysfunctional first family of Irish brewing, the Mc Gargles.*Mary’s Red Ale is an aromatic, malt driven Irish Red Ale focusing bringing through Vienna, Munich and aromatic caramel malts.

Sherry is therefore a blend of many vintages, some a decade old or more.

The magic ingredient is flor, a film of foaming dead yeast cells that forms on the top of the wine.

It is always sold ready to drink, and should be drunk as soon as possible.

Once consumed only by a small coterie of sherry geeks or by elderly spinsters, sherry has now become highly fashionable in certain quarters. It starts out life as a standard dry wine, made from the Palomino grape variety, grown on the chalky white albariza soils around Jerez in southern Spain.

It’s an often underestimated drink, but sherry can be enjoyed with food as well as on its own, writes JOHN WILSON SHERRY MAY well be the best value wine in the world.

Some of the very best examples are available at incredibly low prices.

Knock Knock Ned’s IPA is a malt-forward traditional style English IPA – more balanced, round caramelised malt, floral hop character and big mouthfeel all tied together with the addition of English and American Hops.

Francis’ IPA is a modern take on the US IPA style, using only floor malted Maris Otter barley and hopped to hell with tropical aromatic varieties like Mosaic and Simcoe. Fancy Frank’s Lager is a German Style Helles – A light but more complex pale lager that’s cared for over time.

The Irish town of Celbridge is famous for its long and thriving tradition of brewing dating back to the early 1700s.