Hot chat without card

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Hot chat without card

You can find your code in the “Setup & customize” section of the operator dashboard.Check out our installation guides for some of the most popular content management systems (Word Press, Shopify, Joomla, Drupal, Wix etc.).

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Chatra is a functional, easy to use piece of chat software for websites that allows your customers to contact you in real-time via live chat or message you when you are offline, so you can answer their questions, solve any problems and help them make purchases.You can still receive messages from your visitors and reply to them from Chatra or an email client of your choice.Targeted, or proactive, chats are a great tool to maximize the number of sales and/or leads, as well as minimizing bounce rate.Chats won’t pop up too often, and there is a delay before they do.Visitor stuck on the first page and not moving anywhere?If you need help or can’t get something to work, Fill in your name (we recommend either using your full name or omitting your family name entirely, e. Katy or Katy Brown, but not Katy B), title and upload a real photo for an avatar.

A friendly, informal picture will build much more trust than a stock photo of someone with a headset mic and incredibly white teeth!If you are logged in both on desktop and mobile devices, a mobile push notification will be delayed by 30 seconds to give you time to react on desktop first.When online – you will receive notifications immediately and live chat with visitors in real time.Note, that if all agents are invisible, the widget goes into the offline, “messenger” mode.When offline – you will get no notifications at all.They allow you to contact a customer proactively, as soon as they have a problem.