Intimidating experience

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However, this is currently insufficiently provided by airports, let alone by airlines or customs authorities.

Along the way we will have opportunities as front line staffing professionals to consult and provide some guidance to hiring managers, this is where the partnership with HR is so critical - once again they are tied at the hip - to train hiring managers on how to interview and how to do the interview in such a way that can pull out shining nuggets of information is as vital to the hiring process as say - water is to the thirsty traveler in a dessert.Many times your client hiring managers may need a reminder.Remember candidate experience is really up to the recruiter to model good experience behaviors and build successful outcomes based on sure methodologies that illicit open and honest coaching opportunities.Staffing must be a central partner sometimes in ongoing managerial interviewing education.Disclaimer - This post is of my own creation and does not reflect the views and opinions of ADP, it's subsidiaries or clients - I am solely responsible for it's content. Not to mention aviation safety and security risks, etc.

Having to deal with the time-saving “self-boarding” process or “biometric-enabled single passenger tokens” on their own.I have had a few of these types of managers in the past - the types that for some reason intimidate and belittle the candidate even before the interview begins OR within the interview goes so far south in the way they question the candidate.Where the interview becomes more like a Sopranos Mob Inquisition, or almost like an FBI interrogation that the candidate is ready to throw in the towel before the interview even completes.If a candidate has a bad hiring manager experience it is the recruiter's wonderful opportunity to help your company save face, to build that candidate's ego back up. Hiring Manager doesn't have the common decency or the common professionalism to set a candidate at professional ease well then Mr.Hiring Manager you have failed in your number one duty and perhaps are not fit as a manager in the first place.Let me warn you now - I will say this with all due respect - but if you are a manager and you can't make the candidate feel at ease, you are missing out on a whole bunch of information that would be very valuable to you.