Intimidating experience

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Unfortunately, we'll never 'require' managers to train and demonstrate adequate skills in order to use the title of 'manager'..not practical.

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Without dwelling too much on the saying “you can't improve what you can't measure”, now is the time to act by applying a successful combination of technology and “the human touch”.

I can't say how many times I have seen bad managers interview and it makes me want to pull my hair out. Manager is a little awkward at times, but because your skill set is an amazing one we must have you interview.

When candidate after candidate - golden and then some goes before the kiss of death manager, it is then you may have to give that candidate a caveat. Many times it is the recruiter who puts forth the ultimate interview test and can remind that hiring manager what is the best practices to success in filtering through an interview.

A great post that digs into one of the facets of how we treat candidates who get to that finalist stage.

One of the few academic studies on this subject notes that the focus of a candidate's interest/trust shifts at this stage from the recruiter to the hiring manager...unless of course the hiring manager is a *dumbass*.

I have had a few of these types of managers in the past - the types that for some reason intimidate and belittle the candidate even before the interview begins OR within the interview goes so far south in the way they question the candidate.

Where the interview becomes more like a Sopranos Mob Inquisition, or almost like an FBI interrogation that the candidate is ready to throw in the towel before the interview even completes.If a candidate has a bad hiring manager experience it is the recruiter's wonderful opportunity to help your company save face, to build that candidate's ego back up. Hiring Manager doesn't have the common decency or the common professionalism to set a candidate at professional ease well then Mr.Hiring Manager you have failed in your number one duty and perhaps are not fit as a manager in the first place.Two practices [prep and debrief] that should not be shortchanged by any recruiter. The extent to which passenger reassurance is provided should be a key criteria for measuring the quality of an airport’s services.Soon a new manager will be in the environment with the "set in their ways" manager and will change the dynamic quickly.

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