Joe cheng and rainie yang dating

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For one thing, they are always playful and so adorable. “Although it is still rather cold in the hotel,” proclaims Ella mischievously, the obvious ‘ring-leader’ in the girls’ antics and the one who directs the other two during the photography session so that everyone could get a good shot.The girls feel that the album, in the form of a radio programme, is a brand new concept that is more down to earth, and which signifies that they are not little girls any more.

But, of course, I get to pick first.’ ‘Rational’ about love Singleton Hebe professes to be the ‘most rational’ one among the trio when it comes to love, but she is unsure if that is a good thing.

‘For instance, if the guy goes missing or doesn’t pick up his phone, other girls would suspect that he’s two-timing them,’ she said.

‘But I’ll try to rationalise it, thinking that his phone is running low on batteries or there’s bad reception.’ On their new album, the girls said it has been an unhappy year filled with disasters such as the Sichuan earthquake, and they want to send ‘waves of hope and joy’ to the world with their happy-go-lucky tunes.

Selina has been photographed going on dates with a lawyer, although she kept insisting they are ‘just friends’.

But she did admit on TV recently that her mum has been trying to arrange matchmaking sessions for her.

” Because TANK was on stage getting an award and expressed that Ella is the female artist he would like to kiss most.

At the banquet Ella immediately sat on TANK’s lap, the two immediately played kissy.Hebe said of Ella: ‘Usually, she doesn’t spare any thought for herself, and it gets worse when she’s in love…and it’s useless for us to nag her.’ Hebe added that Selina would also be ‘blinded by love’ sometimes.The story goes that Selina told Jay one day that she wanted to sing a song like his hit number An Jing (Quiet), and he wrote a similar tune for her within five minutes.He then told her to write the lyrics herself, and she spent the entire night crying as she poured her own sorrow into the song, entitled An Jing Le (It’s Quiet).Ella Sits on Lap Gives Kisses ~ TANK’s Heart Can’t Take It Yesterday evening, S. E went south to Kaohsiung to attend the 2008 Hito Popular Music Awards ceremony, getting the Female Group Award for 5 years in a row, S. E was extremely in a good mood, went out with the staff after to celebrate.