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He's confident on stage but sometimes shy and reserved face-to-face.

He was my deity and I worshipped at the NKOTB altar religiously.Knight showed his support for Tiffany by attending her New York City concert on Thursday.He snapped a photo of their reunion before Tiffany hit the stage. He's an awesome person." At the time of the interview, Knight had not yet come forward to publicly reveal his sexual orientation.Yes, my sweet Jordan Knight has finally come back to rekindle a love affair I started in my mind 25 years ago.My crush began when I was in 7th grade, adorned in pimples, permed hair, aqua net and budding teen angst. I knew every song and made my poor family suffer with my endless hours of singing and dancing along to their cassette and VHS tapes and instructing everyone to call me, Mrs. My bedroom walls were wallpapered with jagged, torn out pictures of Jordan from Bop and Teen Beat magazines.I begged my mom to take me to each concert within driving distance from our home. Until one cold winter night in February of this year. Today, I share the details and pictures of my secret date with Jordan Knight!

I was sure Jordan would see me in the nosebleed seats of thousands of screaming tweens and fall in love with me. So back off, all you middle-aged, past-your-prime bitches attending tonight's Nick & Knight concert! Don't miss another blog post in my not-so-incredible journey.

“It's been sooooooo long,” Knight captioned the photo of him and his ex-girlfriend backstage. Tiffany later said she was unaware of this, and apologized for “outing” Knight.

“Excited to be here tonight and see the amazing @tiff_pop do what she does best!!! Watch New Kids On The Block talk fan 'hysteria' on TODAY in 1989 Tiffany posted the same photo to her own Instagram account, along with the caption, “So this happened last night. Now looking back to when we were dating, he was so much fun. “Really didn't know that was the wrong thing to say,” she tweeted.

As many fans are wondering why this perfect match decided to go apart, the reason is kind of mystery. Evelyn Melendez is just a common person who came into the spotlight due to her marriage with the famous lead singer of band New Kids on the Block.

Talking about the main reason for divorce it was the post by a lady on twitter where Jordan is hugging her.

He realized that his drinking habit was causing trouble and it was also hampering his successful career, which he later quit.

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    As member of the Stones, and as solo artist, he reached number one on the UK and US singles charts with 13 singles, the Top 10 with 32 singles and the Top 40 with 70 singles.