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“It’s a picture of the perfect woman, Brooke says,” Agassi recalled in his book.

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The fact that no male pro tennis player has come out puzzles even longtime tennis observers. Roddick or Andre Agassi wouldnt not hire someone because of his sexual orientation, she claims.Tennis has such a big gay fan base that anyone who came out would be a celebrity.If player X came out today, he would get his own line of clothing tomorrow, Wertheim says.One of the greatest of all time, Bill Tilden, was a kind of tennis version of Oscar Wilde.A big, sophisticated, charming man who revolutionized the sport in the 1920s with his multifaceted game, Tilden won 10 Grand Slam singles titles and cavorted with movie stars like Tallulah Bankhead and Douglas Fairbanks.Id be really surprised and shocked if someone had a problem with a [gay player]. If theres any kind of discrimination, as a tour we would act, he says.

Sports Illustrated tennis guru Jon Wertheim thinks coming out for a male player could actually be a sort of promotion.His predilection for young men was an open secret in tennis circles, but according to Tilden biographer Frank Deford, Big Bill would never have publicly avowed his homosexuality.In 1946, Tilden was arrested on Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills with a young man in his car -- whose fly was wide open.Francisco Rodriguez is spanking forehands and smacking backhands on a private tennis court in Atlanta, sweat pouring from his shirtless chest. Some guys are interested in me because of tennis, Francisco says. I can still hit the ball, and that catches their attention. A former two-time all-American college player, Francisco played professional tennis from 2001 to 2006, won two small tournaments, and once held a world ranking in the high 300s. Wanting a boyfriend was in the back of my mind all the time.At 32 he still represents his South American homeland in the prestigious international Davis Cup competition. Having someone off the court who is in your corner -- it helps a lot.“The first time Tatum and I made love, we were high and it was terrible,” Mc Enroe has recalled. It wasn’t as though she was saying, ‘let’s do drugs’. It wasn’t a particularly romantic occasion.” Mc Enroe married the actress, they had three children together, she became addicted to heroin, and they divorced. The American publication ‘Tennis’ once carried an analysis of her romantic history with the rather ungallant heading of, ‘The Black Widow – Martina Hingis mates, then she kills (OK, she maims)’.

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