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The Mint West of the Hidimbeswara Temple complex (right background) is a walled compound popularly called the Mint (foreground).A road leads past the Mint to the main western gate, called Basavana Bagilu, and another line of fortifications, which protect the inner fort.

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The story of the unfortunate end of Bharamappa Nayaka’s son, Hire Madakeri Nayaka, illustrates the temper of this era.

In a daring act of bravery and sheer arrogance, Timmanna Nayaka decided to steal the horse of the Vijayanagara prince who commanded the forces sent against him.

Under cover of night, he stole into the enemy camp and found the prince’s horse.

They warred repeatedly with the Basavapatna or Tarikere poligars whose country lay to the west, with the Harapanahalli poligars to the north at Uchchangidurga; with the Harati or Nidugal family at Dodderi and later at Nidugal; with the Hatti family, whose headquarters town was Nayakanahatti; and with the Rayadurga poligars, among others.

The political stability of the region was complicated further in the mid-1600s, when the Mughals invaded central Karnataka and established the or lesser provinces under the Mughals, Chitradurga was one of the fortunate few to enjoy limited independence as a tributary of Sira.

Defeated, the Chitradurga troops retreated and the poligar coalition army laid siege to Mayakonda fort for several months.

The siege was eventually lifted by Hire Madakeri Nayaka’s son, Kasturi Rangappa Nayaka II.Mysore was ultimately the most successful of these polities and its history dominates what has been written about this period.Several smaller kingdoms, most notably Chitradurga and Keladi (Bednur, Bednore), endured into the middle 1700s and were of considerable regional importance.This fort was effectively the heart of the kingdom. Royal Display Area The gateway in the right foreground leads to Hidimbeswara temple, one of the oldest temples on the hill.Mysore, AD 1625For a long time after the collapse of the Vijayanagara empire, the rulers of small states fought with each other and outsiders for control of the region (Source of figure: Rice 1897, Vol. A monolithic pillar and two swing frames lie between the entrance to this gateway and the Sampige Siddheshvara temple, which rests at the foot of the hill in the left background.Inner Fort This area contains the remains of the palace complex, its ornamental gardens, and many warehouses and granaries.

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