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This fort was effectively the heart of the kingdom. Royal Display Area The gateway in the right foreground leads to Hidimbeswara temple, one of the oldest temples on the hill.

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Regrettably, it did not last and he died in prison at Vijayanagara.

Before he could make his getaway, a groom arrived to re-tether the horse.

Hiding literally at the groom’s feet, Timmanna Nayaka lay unnoticed in the darkness as the groom drove the tether rope peg through his hand.

After the fall of the city of Vijayanagara in 1565, the Chitradurga family and most other central Karnataka nayakas soon declared their independence of the remnants of that empire.

They also were in the thick of the chronic regional warfare that devastated central Karnataka for the next 250 years.

He succeeded to the Chitradurga throne in 1721 and the kingdom enjoyed considerable military and economic successes during his reign.

It ended, however, when a coalition of armies of the principal poligars whose territories bordered that of Chitradurga drew him into a decisive battle at Mayaconda around 1747.These events did not lessen the pace of regional warfare, which continued on the borders of Chitradurga.The story of the unfortunate end of Bharamappa Nayaka’s son, Hire Madakeri Nayaka, illustrates the temper of this era.Pinned to the ground, Timmanna Nayaka waited for the groom to leave, cut off his hand to free himself, and rode away on the prince’s horse.It is said that the event convinced the Vijayanagara army that they could not defeat Timmanna Nayaka and they sued for peace.Inner Fort This area contains the remains of the palace complex, its ornamental gardens, and many warehouses and granaries.