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In Big Time Fever Carlos almost became the new Jennifer. It was the only time I saw all three Jennifers together and was SO happy to get a pic with all 3 of them! She starred in Resident Evil as K-Mart and many other shows such as Cougar Town, That’s So Raven and Phil of the Future. She has also starred in Suite Life on Deck, Minor Details, and Corey and Lucas for the Win. She really cares about children’s charities and helps support them whenever she can. During my set visit, she was trying to get Carlos to give up his helmet and he sent a bowling ball down the slide towards her.

We all know the main stars of the show are the 4 four guys: Carlos Pena Logan Henderson James Maslow Kendall Schmidt I was lucky enough to win a set visit at a school raffle where I met all 4 guys, and Tanya Chisolm I’ve met the rest of the cast (except Challen) at random places and wrote a blog about the show which can be found here alexirob.wordpress.com/2011/04/19 But this blog is about the Girls of Big Time Rush They are: The Three Jennifers Savahah Jayde Kelli Goss Denise Tontz Spencer Locke (season 1) Erin Sanders who plays Camille Katelyn Tarver who plays Jo Tanya Chisolm who plays Kelly and Ciara Bravo who plays Katie. Some people think they are based on a movie called The Heathers and some people think they are a parody of the Jonas Brothers.There is a single camera and in the 2 hours we were there, they probably filmed 20 seconds of a scene. He said I could eat whatever I wanted from the tent that had the food for the cast and crew! James Diamond is really handsome and thinks that every girl is attracted to him!The guys are all actually talented musicians and singers and have had concerts and meet and greets. The show has been nominated for Poptastic awards and Kid’s Choice Awards in 2010. He said he was excited about going to Germany and was learning how to say “Where’s the bathroom? When I was walking toward Studio 27, James was riding a bike past us.She was replaced by Kelli Goss who still has the role. In Big Time Break Up, it looks like Jo is going to fly away on a plane and Kendall rushes to the airport to change her mind. She is the top billed cast in a movie called Mayhem set to be released in 2011. Whenever Camille is going to audition for a part, she usually gets really into her part and involves Logan. She was a regular on Zoey 101 and on The Young and the Restless. She enjoys taking time for her fans and supporting charities. She was also in a few shorts called Washed Up and The Cafeteria.The Jennifers have had some big parts in some episodes. Katelyn Tarver has starred as Jo and also starred in No Ordinary Family. She has also guest starred in many other sows and won awards. I met Ciara at the Teen Choice Awards and at Lollipop Game Day. Tanya Chsolm plays Kelly Wainwright Gustavo’s assistant. She always helps make sure the boys do what they should and that Gustavo isn’t too mean to them.They move from Minnesota to the Palm Woods Apartments in LA to become a band.

They attend Palm Woods school with other kids and teens who want to be performers. He has a background in animation and also created Ned’s Declassified. The guys do all kinds of hilarious situations, there are silly sound effects and dream/imagination scenes.

I have met a few other members of the cast at other events. His mom says he loves acting but doesn’t feel that comfotable on red carpets and being interviewed. The series is taped in Studio 27 on the lot at Paramount Studios in Hollywood California.

Ciara Bravo plays Katie Knight, Kendell’s little sister. He’s a little red head who hides from mom who is obsessed with getting him acting jobs. The day after I visited the guys were going to film a new music video at an airport. I love meeting stars and going to events in Los Angeles !

The series premiered on Nickelodeon on November 28, 2009 with an hour long episode called Big Time Audition. This show is NOT filmed in front of a live audience.

All the sets are in a sound stage, even the Palm Woods pool.

She’s really smart and likes to blackmail the guys. I overheard someone saying that in December, they spent about a week filming an hour long episode at Malibu beach. I loved seeing all the rooms and areas where they film the different scenes.

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