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I put my arms around her and told her, " Come on Mom, now I am grown up as you told me in the afternoon".My dick was pressing her hips, which she could have realized by now. I kissed her on her cheeks and tasted her as a man.

She was not ready to drink initially but later on she started sipping it up.

But I told her, "Mom, you are my only friend and after the death of my father I do not go out too with my friends just for you now can't you have beer with me. Mom, don't break my heart, please Mom" I made her emotional.

She got up smilingly and got the beers and two glasses with some roasted Chicken in a plate.

While in the bathroom I masturbated once on Mom's name.

Then I came out of bathroom and I was only in my underwear.

I was only in my underwear and pissed off and then I caught my cock in my hand started rubbing it slightly back and forth while remembering about the scene and my mother's body.

I masturbated and then I cleaned my cock with water and again went in the bedroom.My mother was angry to see her son buying beers with him.But she could not speak anything, as she was still ashamed of her act.In the way I thought about my mother and what she did today. She has got very good hips, which are shaped like an apple, although I saw them only today. Not only I love as a mom now I want to love her as my woman too. I was real horny now with a strong desire to suck and fuck my mother.Now after the death of my father she has not much choice other that looking after me so she is not in any sexual contact with anybody, now I will be fulfilling her desires. I reached home and was slightly nervous as I bought the beers for the first time.Now I am 26 and living in Delhi with my mom Shanti and our daughter Aakansha.

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