Late night local chat

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They’re also great at connecting students in crisis with the community resources they need.In addition to investigating everything from property crimes to assault, UPD has to keep an ear out for reports of agitated wildlife roaming campus sidewalks and trails.

This last round of finals in the spring found Officer Honeman carrying on a tradition started by a retired 31-year UPD veteran, Officer Fischer.Also not included are talk shows meant for daytime airing which air in late night slots in many markets due to either timeslot failure or a lack of a prime timeslot. and the workday is just getting started for Officer Paul Honeman and Officer Guy Dodge.“But I’m as good once as I ever was,” finished Dodge with a laugh.Experience, they both agreed, has made them better officers.With a roster of 17 officers, they’re tasked with maintaining the safety and security of UAA’s campuses—all the way from Mat-Su College to Kenai Peninsula College (with the help of local agencies)—365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

They’re most frequently called for theft, vandalism and trespass cases, they said, but this particular Friday night started off quiet.

Both Honeman and Dodge are proud to be part of an agency that’s committed to service as well as law enforcement.

UPD offers safety briefings and crime prevention tips in on-campus housing, as well as periodic RAD Training (Rape Agression Defense) sessions each semester.

She asked Honeman to please take over her desk drawer of candy and consider handing it out to students during finals prep and finals week. “This one young lady was waiting on a parking spot.

I could see her pounding on the steering wheel, so I pulled up beside her.

Veteran police officers with nearly 60 years of combined law enforcement experience, they are scanning University Police Department (UPD) radios with one ear and with the other, fielding questions about campus safety, community policing and why they chose to work in law enforcement.