Lauren german dating

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Adam Brody, Tom Ellis, and Shane West are some of the stars who were rumored to have a relationship with Lauren but none of the relationships were accepted publicly.Currently, Lauren is very much single these days and has not tangled in any rumored relationship.

Many people can associate her with playing the part of a lesbian and taking part in horror movies such as Hostel: Part II.

Well, Lauren German seems to be very private regarding her personal life.

She does not want media to know what’s going in her life.

Getting to know her some more, Lauren German was born on November 29, 1978, in Madison, Connecticut. Although there is very little that is known about her family, she revealed that her father is a vascular surgeon.

See Also: Lisa Kerney Wiki, Bio, Height, Married, Husband, Kids, Family, Net Worth For her education, the actress began at Los Alamitos High School before she later moved to Orange County High School of the Arts.

She appeared in the hit television series 'Chicago Fire' portraying the role of Leslie Shay as a lesbian.

People actually started questioning on her sexual preference but on the other hand, the Dark Country actress took the role very lightly as if it's not a big deal for her.Though the rumors ran for a few weeks, nothing came of this short flight. So, is she actually hiding her sexual preference or is it just a fake rumor? Playing the role of a lesbian is a very tough task since it may make an impression in the off-screen life as well.She was upset from the last break up and maybe she does not to get hurt twice.Aston Holmes is also possibly single after his break up with Lauren as he is not seen with anyone in the social media, weekend and parties.The beautiful, stunning and talented, Lauren German, is an American actress. Lauren German was in relation with Aston Holmes, American actor, in 2009.