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“Even if there were only eight students chosen, they represented the audience well, and for all of us, this was something you cannot experience in another context.Even when you go to Rome, you cannot dream of having the Pope answer your questions for about five minutes each”.

Wherein lies the importance of religion for the world today?The pope spoke in Spanish, which was translated into Japanese, and answered eight questions chosen from about 100 submitted by students.The video discussion was broadcast live and made available on You Tube’s Sophia University Channel.The event was the brainchild of two Jesuits in Japan – Fr Juan Haidar SJ, director of the Sophia University Catholic Center, who had been a scholastic in Argentina when Pope Francis, Fr Jorge Bergoglio SJ, was the rector of the philosophy and theology faculty of San Miguel University in Buenos Aires, and Sophia University Vice President Fr Sali Augustine SJ. Also in the audience was Fr Renzo De Luca SJ, Provincial of the Japan Province, who had also been a scholastic under Fr Bergoglio’s supervision in Argentina.“I was a guest, but greatly enjoyed kind of meeting Pope Francis and participating in this experience,” said Fr De Luca.Fr De Luca mentioned that even though he did not speak during the event, the Holy Father noticed his former scholastic and made a humorous comment about the sweater he was wearing.

The Japan Province shares brief summaries of Pope Francis’ responses, provided by Fr Hideyuki Koyama SJ of Sophia University.

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In my country Argentina, in order to produce crops more efficiently, the land has been impoverished and farmers look for work in the cities.

Students at Jesuit-run schools in Japan have enjoyed some time talking with Pope Francis via a video link between the Vatican and Japan. 18 at Sophia University, founded in 1913 by Jesuits in Tokyo.

The message of Akira Kurosawa’s film “Rhapsody in August” is the need for dialogue between the young and the elderly, and shows how the grandchildren finally find their roots.