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Live sex chat costa rica

Chocolate plays an important part in Bribri culture. ) in which they use it for natural medicine, purification ceremonies and of course as food and drink.We all took in turn to help stir the hot chocolate before trying it. The taste was so far from what we call chocolate you would have thought we were eating a completely different product. It was almost like coffee more than chocolate and it gave us the same buzz.

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The boat journey felt like I was in Conrad’s , even though I knew the closest town was just over an hour away.

Once we got to the village the first thing I noticed was how organised it all was.

The Bribri language belongs to the Chibchan family which originates on the pacific coast of present day Ecuador. The day I spent with the Bribri was the highlight of my trip to Costa Rica.

The tour guide picked us up from our hotel in Puerto Viejo and then took us along a bumpy road up into the mountains.

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Do you drink and eat chocolate every day I asked the village elder as we slowly stirred the large pot of 100% cocoa? He said a few sentences in Spanish which I couldn’t quite understand (my Spanish isn’t great) but whatever he said, had the others around us laughing, apart from his wife who was telling him off but in a nice way.

We then added some milk to the mix and that lightened the taste up considerably.

As I am writing this I just remembered that I brought some 100% cocoa back from the Bribri tribe with me to London.

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