Looking to talk darty online free chat

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Looking to talk darty online free chat

But they also mean that calls that go through to human agents are often the toughest, says Rob Duncan, chief operating officer of call-center firm Alpine Access.Online companies like Facebook don't even have customer-service lines.

That's because companies often put their best reps online, and broadcasting a bad experience to the Twitterverse motivates them to appease the customer before the story goes viral.After an Apple store employee failed to help Amy Levine find an accessory for her old i Pod, the indignant New Yorker dashed off a letter describing the poor customer service to the late Steve Jobs, then the company's CEO.To her surprise, Apple gave her a free new i Pod and Mac laptop. Another study, by consulting firm Accenture, found customer satisfaction with service is down across the board, from the amount of time it takes to resolve a problem to the politeness of reps.Fed Ex, for one, says it recruits "exceptional" agents for its social-media team. retailers ignore 65 percent of customer complaints on Facebook and Twitter, March says such complaints can pack a punch.Josh March, CEO of Conversocial, a start-up that makes social-media customer-service software, recommends that firms resolve problems in less than an hour. "It only takes one issue that other people are angry about" to spark a frenzy, he says."It might not be the right person to talk to, but a lot of times the people in the executive office will make the issue a priority," says Adam Goldkamp of Get Human.

One problem: Some firms, such as Priceline, have essentially changed the locks, deactivating e-mail addresses and phone numbers for executive offices after they've been publicized."Everyone hates these things," says Walter Rolandi, a consultant who specializes in "interactive voice response." Canned mantras like "We're sorry, but we're experiencing unusually heavy call volumes" and having to repeat the same info to both a robot and a rep are particularly irksome, experts say.For firms, IVR systems stanch the ongoing flow of customers.Asking for the manager has become many callers' go-to strategy for customer service: According to a survey by American Express, 74 percent of angry consumers demand to speak with a supervisor.Customers want to talk to someone authorized to fix their problem, but that's a challenge for firms with a limited number of managers.Meanwhile, Jessica Alba had her manager put in a call to Target to place her order.

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