Lupe fiasco is dating

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Lupe Fiasco's long-awaited Lasers album will finally hit shelves next year. "I got a whole family, a whole team, a whole crew of n---as I f--- with in the streets that's eating off what Lupe Fiasco is doing. If I'm not getting no publishing check, that means I can't pay for my man's lawyer." Fiasco has also revealed that the label's insistence on cutting into his endorsement and tour revenue via a 360 deal strained his rapport with the company.

" The announcement follows months of drama between Lupe and his label, in which the bespectacled lyricist charged that Atlantic urged him to record singles that he wouldn't retain publishing rights to. Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, better known by his stage name Lupe Fiasco, is a Chicago-born, Grammy award-winning American rapper, record producer, entrepreneur, and community advocate. L (Magnifying Urban Realities & Affecting Lives) provides nurturing meals and winter clothing to inner-city youth, while fostering artistic and academic excellence in their respective neighborhoods.Rising to fame in 2006, following the success of his debut album, Food & Liquor, Lupe has released more than four acclaimed studio albums; his latest being Drogas Light released earlier this year. The foundation soon became the catalyst for The Neighborhood Start-up Fund, which encourages disenfranchised youth in developing entrepreneurial skills to establish businesses in underserved communities.“So if I’m famous because of a song and that leads me to get a TV show or a sneaker, they think that they deserve 25% of that.I refuse to do that.” He added, “I was told because you didn’t sign this 360 deal, we may or may not push your record.” As previously reported, Atlantic was also upset over the lack of “radio hits” on .Although earlier this month Lupe Fiasco tweeted that he will be cancelling his next three albums, a new announcement from the rapper suggests otherwise.

Over Twitter, Fiasco has revealed the release date for his next album, DROGAS Light, to be February 10, 2017.Everyone there is serious about making new friends for the purpose of meeting people from different cultures who speak different languages and learning from them.To totally round out the experience, one could also join Yumondo, learn about cool things happening in the places where those languages they’ve worked so hard to master are spoke, then go to those cities and meet interesting locals. Their continued efforts to elevate community engagement can be seen through the myriad of movements they have co-founded and supported. In addition to their various community efforts, the artist and humanitarian, also sits on the advisory board for Zero Mass Water; a renewable, solar-powered initiative that seeks to democratize water.As the co-founder and co-owner of community initiatives such as, We Are M. His conscious efforts to propagate social and artistic change has Lupe Fiasco’s desire to promote generational wealth and awareness continues to inspire his musical and community efforts; serving as a distinguished example in giving back and paying it forward!It’s like they took the internet and turned it into a little cafe for people practice foreign languages.

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