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” This was then re-tweeted — that’s Twitter terminology for copy and pasted — by Atlantic’s Twitter with the date March 8th, 2011.The apparent reconciliation comes just days after Fiasco publically voiced his frustration with Atlantic.

The Chicago MC's label, Atlantic Records, announced Friday (October 8) that his third LP is slated for a March 8 release. With all that said, I own some of 'Superstar.' These records, I'm not finnin' to own sh-- on those records [Atlantic chose as singles]. With the album in limbo, some of Lupe's dedicated fans started an online petition to coax Atlantic into releasing Lasers, which scored roughly 16,000 signatures by mid-summer and, at press time, boasted more than 30,000 digital co-signs.

Because posting pictures of your legs in a tub of bubbles relaxing or chilling at home making a bomb meal is way sexier than pictures of you indulging in “single bitches” activities. But you selfish bastards keep letting our heroes go over the edge. *clutches chest and gazes to the heavens* Why OH WHY must ya’ll make me act a fool like this? But nooooooo, every time I try to get out, you all do some dumb shyt that keeps bringing me back in.

Your skill sets should determine your standards, not the other way around. ~Courtesy of our dedicated contributing Ninjas If you like this, you’ll LOVE this one The Sideline Heaux Chronicles I watched the awards show last night and a little piece of me died. Every year another music heavy weight passes away and we profess our love on social media. We defend them as the “greatest _____ of all time”. Had stepped back from the blog scene for a sec, meditated, sought counsel, the whole nine.

Everyone there is serious about making new friends for the purpose of meeting people from different cultures who speak different languages and learning from them.

To totally round out the experience, one could also join Yumondo, learn about cool things happening in the places where those languages they’ve worked so hard to master are spoke, then go to those cities and meet interesting locals.

Fiasco addressed that issue at the conference as well, noting that he refused to record pre-packaged songs which Atlantic felt would be no. Details of Fiasco and Atlantic’s settlement have not yet been detailed, so it’s still unclear which side made concessions to the aforementioned issues.

I think the concept of creating a social network built around language exchange is brilliant.Their continued efforts to elevate community engagement can be seen through the myriad of movements they have co-founded and supported. In addition to their various community efforts, the artist and humanitarian, also sits on the advisory board for Zero Mass Water; a renewable, solar-powered initiative that seeks to democratize water.As the co-founder and co-owner of community initiatives such as, We Are M. His conscious efforts to propagate social and artistic change has Lupe Fiasco’s desire to promote generational wealth and awareness continues to inspire his musical and community efforts; serving as a distinguished example in giving back and paying it forward!The album's first single will be released October 26 via his website. The initiative likely played a factor in the amelioration of the MC's relationship with his label.The official drop date comes a day after Lupe tweeted a picture of himself grinning with record exec Julie Greenwald below a placard emblazoned with the Atlantic logo and giving a thumbs-up sign. "For them to see 16,000 people say, 'This is what we want and what we want now,' " Lupe said in July.Although earlier this month Lupe Fiasco tweeted that he will be cancelling his next three albums, a new announcement from the rapper suggests otherwise.

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