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Bears, beavers, rattlesnakes and other images became the insignias of the flags.

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It is unknown who designed the American Flag with the red and white stripes but the stripes were first used by the British East India Company, and had the British union jack in the upper left corner to show allegiance to the Crown yet making a statement as to an individual identity of the colonies.

It was carried by Nathaniel Page with the minutemen to Concord Bridge on April 19, 1775.

Crimson silk 27"x29" nearly square would indicate it was a Cavalry flag.

It is believed that the thirteen stars and thirteen stripes was first designed by Congressman Francis Hopkinson, however his stars had 6 points.

Others independently designed differing variations. A design was decided upon in congress and then Betsy Ross, a Philadelphia seamstress, was commissioned to construct the first official flag.

The New England Pine was used as a symbol of New England before the European rush to colonize the New World.

The Bunker Hill Flag is believed to have been carried by New England troops into the battle at Bunker Hill on June 17, 1775.

It had a blue field with a white canton that had a red cross with a tree in the upper hoist side of the canton.

Removing the British Union Jack from the canton of the British Red Ensign a New England Pine on white was placed keeping the red field.

One of the earliest widely used by the Colonialists, still believing themselves subjects of the King, yet fighting for their rights.

The "An Appeal to Heaven" flag was used more as the ensign of the ships that were commissioned by George Washington.

The cloth was a rich red damask with a weave that included pomegranates, grapes, and leaves.

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