Memphis online sex hookup

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Memphis online sex hookup

Now, your version of "going for it" could be anything from brushing up against him with your breasts to planting a big wet one right on his mouth. "I love it if a woman just takes control," says Dave Rancid, a 22-year-old New York City punk rocker.

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"If she goes for that immediately," says Aaron, "it can be a little off-putting.

The night that unfolded up in her sister's A-shaped attic guest room was, well...suffice it to say that, by dawn, Jenny and I looked like a couple of happy kids who'd trampolined the feathers out of an old feather bed.

In those few hours, I realized how compatible we really were.

"The second I drop my shorts," says Joe Kent, a 32-year-old Philadelphia lawyer, "I need to see her eyes light up.

I need to see the edges of her mouth curl with glee." Adds Weber: "When she sees my manhood, I want her to think, Damn good!

"It's great when she just runs her hands along my sides or through my chest hair.

When it doesn't happen, I feel like I'm just another guy on top of her." Jimmy gets goose bumps when a woman runs her hands through his hair.

We understand, of course, that you're not going to be ready for the main event without a warm-up act, so exploring a man's less obvious hot spots is invariably the way to go. "I happen to get off on having my earlobe chewed," says Robert Gonzalez, a 29-year-old Hollywood, California, screenwriter. "Believe me, if it's too gentle, I'll say 'Harder' or something equally creative." Carlos recalls the horror of being clawed by a woman with talonlike nails.

"I'm not likely to say so on a first night, but if she tries it or whispers, 'Do you like this? " For Jimmy James, a 34-year-old engineer from Memphis, the special trick is "butt pinching," which he says, "gets all my blood going." For Woody Laverne, a 38-year-old folksinger from Montpelier, Vermont, it's "fingernails softly running down my chest." Some guys even have names for their favorite spots. In a first hookup, being skilled has less to do with physics and more to do with psychology -- knowing that a guy will probably be too inhibited to say what he wants. The biggest complaint from guys about first-time sex is that they were manhandled. "We use euphemisms like 'spanking the monkey' and 'choking the chicken,' but we generally don't like to be touched as roughly as that implies," adds Aaron Kaufman, 30, a retailer from Chicago.

"In fact, if she doesn't look at me when she's going down on me, I sometimes feel like I'm being serviced, which makes me self-conscious," explains Aaron. "That way, I get to look at her." Adds Aaron, "All guys like doing it doggie-style, but you want to be looking at each other in the face the first few times at least." In short, technique is timing -- a guy is thrilled if you're skilled, but save your acrobatic act for when you know each other better.

"The sexiest thing a woman ever did to me was to look me in the eye and yell, 'No way! "Our first night was, uh, extreme," says Aaron of Dani, a woman with whom he had an ill-fated affair last year.

" Some traditional guys prefer to be the initiators of sex, but most men I spoke to said it would excite them to no end if you just went for it.

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