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The word Christos so occurs in several passages of the Gospels.This, however, is no proof that the word was generally so used at that time.

In alchemy, the two triangles symbolize *"fire" and *"water"; together, they represent the reconciliation of opposites.They settled upon the six-pointed star, principally because of its heraldic associations.Its geometric design and architectural features greatly appealed to synagogue architects, most of whom were non-Jews.Some medieval alchemists even borrowed the he earliest known Jewish use of the hexagram was as a seal in ancient Israel (6th century B. E.) and then eight centuries later in a *synagogue frieze in Capernaum.But these early hexagrams may have been only ornamental designs; ironically, a swastika, another popular ancient motif, appears alongside the hexagram on the Capernaum synagogue wall.E.); or to *kabbalists, especially Rabbi Isaac Luria (16th century), no Jewish literature or artifacts document this claim.

Rather, all evidence suggests that the early use of the hexagram was limited to "practical Kabbalah," that is, Jewish magic, probably dating back to the 6th century C. Legends connect this symbol with the "Seal of Solomon," the magical signet signet *ring used by King Solomon to control demons and spirits.

The full title "Anointed of Jahveh " occurs in several passages of the Psalms of Solomon and the Apocalypse of Baruch, but the abbreviated form, "Anointed" or "the Anointed", was in common use.

When used without the article, it would seem to be a proper name.

framed his philosophy of Judaism around the image of the Jewish star, composed of two conceptual "triads," which together form the basis of Jewish belief: Creation, Revelation, and Redemption; God, Israel, and World.

On the popular level, Jews continue to use the Jewish star as it was used for centuries: as a magical amulet of good luck and as a secularized symbol of Jewish identity.

(Or Messias .) The Greek form Messias is a transliteration of the Hebrew, Messiah , "the anointed".