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When the dust settles, we will find that the number of married men who had actual affairs (rather than simply text flirtations) through Ashley Madison will have been modest.You’ve written that there’s a history of women in the US being the predominant divorce initiators going as far back as the 1940s. At Vardags we indeed find that women tend to initiate divorce far more often than men.

Divorce is not necessarily detrimental to children.I think online dating gives people who are dating a wider choice set of potential partners to meet.The wider choice set is positive for many people, and neutral for others.Have hectic modern work schedules made it harder for families to manage a work/life balance? We still don’t have ‘no-fault’ divorce in England, whereas all 50 states of America have some provision for this.This is another really interesting question that might be better asked of someone who studies time use data. Do you have any thoughts on fault-based divorce systems – do you think they cause unnecessary acrimony in the families of divorcing couples, for example?Last week I wrote about the newly-published findings of a study entitled ‘How couples meet and stay together’.

It found that while women are more likely than men to initiate divorce, non-marital break-ups were more gender neutral.

You’ve conducted research into online dating, and discovered that its impact has been huge – particularly for same-sex couples who overwhelmingly meet online these days.

What do you make of the ever-changing digital dating scene – is it giving us a richer choice of partner or is it undermining old-fashioned romance?

There is classic research using longitudinal British data, see citation below, showing that most of children’s disadvantage associated with divorce was present before the divorce, because the couples who divorce tend to have family problems before the divorce (which is part of why they wanted to divorce in the first place). Teitler, ‘Longitudinal Studies of Effects of Divorce on Children in Great Britain and the United States’, (1991), 286-1389.) Does studying patterns of human behaviour in relation to family life and relationships makes you over-analytical of your own personal relationships and social interactions?

When the divorce breaks up a marriage that involved violence, instability, or cruelty, then divorce is almost certainly a positive for the children in that household. Can you leave the job behind when you’re not at work? Doing research on marriage and family data simply reinforces to me how lucky I am!

I caught up with the study’s Principal Investigator, Michael Rosenfeld, who is Associate Professor in Sociology at Stanford University in California, to ask him some quick-fire questions about marriage, Ashley Madison and the state of the modern family.