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Many girls assume that losing their virginities will be painful because of what they learn about the hymen, a tissue that lines the opening of the vagina. “If it’s the first time having intercourse and the hymen is still intact, it might feel like a little pinch, but it shouldn’t be very painful,” she says.

When thinking about sex, worrying about pain is a perfectly normal concern to have! Reena Liberman, MS, a private practice sex therapist in Ann Arbor, MI, explains that intercourse may feel uncomfortable at first, but the pain shouldn’t be too overwhelming.

But while your first time may seem scary, you don’t have to worry—because we’re here to guide you through it!

You’ve already learned about the risks (perhaps you’ve seen one too many STD pictures) and benefits associated with intercourse, but how’s a girl to know what to expect?

“My first time, I did not feel comfortable telling the guy that I was with how it was feeling,” she says.

“My best advice is to try out different positions, do whatever feels comfortable; if it hurts, switch it up and communicate [with your partner].” If you’re not sure if you should tell your partner that you’re a virgin, Many collegiettes go through the same thing!

It seems strange that Buddy's Pizza is just now opening an Ann Arbor location given their success in the local pizza chain world, but as they say (or maybe just I say this), there is always room for more pizza.

The new location will open its doors at 3153 Saline Rd., but Buddy's is keeping the opening day news under wraps for now.

If she likes it, it's probably good enough for him.

and an overly dramatic sex ed teacher to scare you away from sex.

In 2006, the porn industry raked in nearly 13 billion dollars. Whatever may be drawing a man to porn, it's seldom a reflection on his partner, says sex therapist Lonnie Barbach, Ph D, in practice in San Francisco. It's a turn-on." Still, the question remains: Why do so many men like looking at pictures of naked people? Porn-induced arousal has been linked to many parts of the brain.

"Some women feel threatened because they don't think they're as sexy as a porn star," she says. One recent theory holds that mirror neurons, brain cells that fire when an action is performed as well as when it's observed, play an important role in male arousal.

“Along with this, the muscles can tense up and add to the discomfort.” To help ease the pain, Susan Ernst, a physician at the University Health Service Women's Health Clinic at the University of Michigan, says that young women should look into using water-based lubricants.

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