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That film was released a month before the US presidential election that came directly after the scandalous years of Bill Clinton.Similarly, Charlie Wilson's War comes on the eve of a presidential election year, this time involving Bill Clinton's wife Hillary as a candidate.

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Charlie Wilson's biography reveals that Charlie and Joanne were dating in 1980.

-History Channel, The True Story of Charlie Wilson Is Charlie Wilson's War a round-a-bout attempt to provide an opinion on present day politics?

After a TIME magazine interviewer implied that the movie's depiction of the US involvement in Afghanistan directly relates to the US in Iraq, Tom Hanks corrected him by saying, "This isn't about Iraq. Charlie Wilson's War is about something happening in 1980." Hanks obviously wants to avoid having his film associated with the recent string of left wing Iraq flavored box office failures.

-NY Daily News I heard Rudy Giuliani's name mentioned in the movie, what role did he play in the Charlie Wilson real story? Attorney from the Southern District of New York, Rudy Giuliani headed a 1986 ethical investigation into the Texas Congressman's supposed drug use in a Las Vegas hot tub, a conviction that could have jeopardized Wilson's ability to get weapons into the hands of the Afghans.

It is likely no coincidence that the movie more than once mentions 2008 Republican Candidate Rudy Giuliani's fight, as part of a Justice Department investigation, to convict Congressman Charlie Wilson. Giuliani's ethical harassment of Charlie Wilson becomes a punch line in the movie.

For the most part, the movie is not about Iraq, but a postscript to the movie quotes the real Charlie Wilson as saying, "We f---ed up the endgame." Mr.

Wilson is referring to how the Mujahedeen, who the US supplied with weapons in Afghanistan, eventually flowered into the Taliban and backed Osama bin Laden's war against the US.

Are they afraid of spoiling the feel-good uplift of Charlie's victory with the harsh downdraft of history?

It's as if Titanic ended with a celebratory shipboard banquet, followed by a postscript: by the way, it sank." Tom Hanks, who purchased the rights to George Crile's biography, Charlie Wilson's War: The Extraordinary Story of How the Wildest Man in Congress and a Rogue CIA Agent Changed the History of Our Times, stated during a November 2007 Oprah interview, "I think Charlie Wilson is a fascinating example of how things can get done from the oddest quarters.

But we'll be damned by history if we let them fight with stones." -Charlie Wilson (from George Crile's Biography, See Right) Despite being liberal on social issues, Texas Congressman Charlie Wilson was a fervent anticommunist.

had nothing whatsoever to do with these people's decision to fight ...

"I left those hospitals determined that as long as I had a breath in my body and was a member of Congress, that I was gonna do what I could to make the Soviets pay for what they were doing" (The Real Charlie, Charlie Wilsons

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