My year of disastrous dating

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My year of disastrous dating

I even had a blind date arranged by a "famous person's" agent who told me this "famous person" in his mid 40s wanted to meet me, only to find Jackie Mason sitting at the table.

This story definitely falls in the former category and whilst it isn’t that horrific, it does sound like a pretty awful date as the dude ended up stranded on an island with all of his family thinking that he was dead. The dude posted it all on Reddit, so I might as well just let him tell it: This happened yesterday. Until yesterday I had never actually met anyone on tinder in my year or so of having it; this was my first (and likely my last) tinder experience.

She started crying and panicking and for about an hour and a half she thought that I was lost at sea in the middle of the night on a sinking kayak.

My mom called all of my siblings and told them right away, so my whole family was thinking that I was done for.

She told me that was her favorite time of day for kayaking and that there was a little Island with a beach that was right near her house which which was really nice to paddle out to. I was not really interested in the girl after talking to her.

Her pictures were misleading and she didn’t strike me as my type personality wise.

I thought we would just take out the kayaks, I would tell her I enjoyed meeting her and be on my way.

Unfortunately I fucked up, and things did not turn out so simple. The sun was very close to setting so I told her we should head back before it does.

Every woman in the dating world has thought, "If it can happen to her, it can happen to me." While he's snoring away, we think quietly at night about what we can do to make sure it doesn't happen to us.

Either dumped or cheated on in a most humiliating and public way.

The cops asked where we had been and I explained to them what had happened.

Apparently the girls mom told the cops that she thought we were lost out at sea and that one of the kayaks had a leak in it. The mom was hysterical and not thinking clearly about the situation, only considering the worst possible case; perhaps because of her drunkenness, perhaps not.

Like, when you think about it, getting stranded on an island and having your whole family worried for your life would be way more stressful than the way he’s describing it.

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