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Teacher and parent referrals would be acknowledged by comprehensive screening programs being introduced into school districts today.

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The NBER's research activities are mostly identified by 20 research programs on different subjects and 14 working groups.These statistics indicate that there are little to no consequences for minorities when these tests that are being implemented.In conclusion the authors suggest that the issues found in gifted educational programs can be fixed by comprehensive screenings.The seventh study analyzes the effect of intervention programs on students once they have entered school, and indicates that improvement within schools and teaching alone can positively affect the achievement of black students and make them more comparable to that of white students.The entire NBER article ultimately concludes that we still do not know how to close the achievement gap because of the present color line, but there are certainly ways to increase individual student achievement that may eventually make schools more productive overall.The study also mentions historically black colleges in North Carolina, and briefly questions whether they remain a positive contribution in contemporary America, arguing that they were a reaction to Jim Crow laws and tend to isolate African-American students from other racial groups.

Controlling for test scores, majors, and other scholastic factors, the study looks at administrative data from North Carolina K-12 public schools of eighth graders both in 19, categorized both by race and socioeconomic standing.

The most common factors contributing to racial gaps are thought to be “discrimination, culture, and genetics,” among others.

The first study in the article concluded that the best way to eliminate racial inequality in the future, specifically with income inequality, would be to provide black and white students with the same skills.

This study is a part of the NBER Working Paper Series, meaning it does not undergo the same peer and NBER board review as their regular research.

Using data from the University of North Carolina system, which encompasses all public colleges in the state, the study looks at racial inequality at the collegiate level in regards to enrollment, completion, and various achievements, and the causation of such inequity.

One of the major research themes in the National Bureau of Economic research is sources of inequality. Chay, Jonathan Guryan, and Bhashkar Mazumder conducted a study in which they analyzed the substantial gaps in test scores on the AFQT and NAEP tests among black-white cohorts.

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