Number to text for sexchat

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Number to text for sexchat - dating lds women

Madalas umuuwi ang artist namin ng mga bandang 5pm, ako kase late pumapasok kaya late din ako umuuwi para matapos ko gagawin ko.Kapag mag-isa nlng ako sa office napapansin ko madalas nakikipag kwentuhan ang guard ng building saken.

While waiting for a big figure for the usual hard stuff, one bumped into two smart well dressed ladies in an upscale garden in Maitama, Abuja.

Asked how married women can be part of such a network, Jade stated that “ those are our matrons, mothers of the group,” adding “we the younger ones won’t even go near a man not to talk of marrying them.“You men are evil. But that was not to be until one of the ladies directly asked for my position on issue of sexual orientation.

As I was searching for an answer, my politician friend cruised into the garden.

Asked about the success rate in their recruitment drive, the lady confessed that it was very high, citing many tactics they deployed to lure young girls into the fold and the continuous support they offered them in terms of sustenance and even jobs.“We are very successful in getting new friends in because we are quite comfortable, every young lady needs comfort. Her partner, who is a lawyer, also entered the discussion and disclosed that the network of lesbians in Nigeria, as in other parts of the world, is backed up by highly placed citizens who for one reason or the other serve as matrons of the group. The two ladies then narrated how and why married women are taken to lesbian practices, citing abandonment by their husbands for younger ladies.

The lady who called herself Nata also said the group has both married and unmarried women in the fold, adding that “members have access to jobs and support but the rules are very strict.“For example, once you joined, no man should come near you. You are to remain as a faithful lover to her or else, you will find yourself in trouble,” she explained. According to the ladies,“younger ladies are taking away husbands of rich madams. Many of such madams need this circle as much as we also need them.”As the discussion was going on and as the ladies turned it into an open chat, I was silently praying the public figure I was waiting for to surface.

The meeting unveiled a world hitherto speculated but truly existing with practitioners becoming increasingly emboldened to own up to their sexual orientation despite ongoing move to ban the practices through an act of the National Assembly.

Craving anonymity and shocked to know later that I am a journalist, the lady from a North Central state simply named Jade said nothing is bad about lesbianism or being gay, explaining that “ we are simply responding to our natural inclination and we are well organised across the nation.“We have more young girls coming in.Profusely, I thanked them for the company and I practically jumped into my friend‘s jeep.So the gay/lesbian community has become so well organised. Two masseuses rubs her naked body in four hands till she gets horny and wet.The strong hands rubbing her back and her lovely naked ass feel so good. Simple lng ang work ko pero masay nmn ako, kase may freedom, pressured din minsan pero di walanghiya ang mga amo ko kaya ok lng.