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Falls are a common and serious health threat to adults 65 and older.

Some seniors regard room monitor for elderly as an intrusion of right while others appreciate the idea of video surveillance for elderly monitoring and safety.Besides, you must make sure your elderly monitoring cameras and systems are secure, in avoidance of leaking any private information (click here to lean how).The legality of nanny cams for elderly parents in nursing homes varies from state to state.Approximately 1 in 10 Americans aged 60 or more have experienced some form of elder abuse.Whether you want to keep abreast of the seniors’ health conditions, or to ensure that they are away from elderly abuse, elderly monitoring cameras and systems can satisfy all your needs.It is wise of you to consult with them first on installing security cameras for elderly apartment.

Never act on your own without obtaining the consent of your parents or grandparents.If you are not an APh A member, registration is free and simple: just click log-in/register on the training webpage to start the process.Use these resources from the training to learn how to conduct a medication review, minimize high risk medications, and implement fall prevention.In addition, a notice of a granny cam system in use must be placed outside the room and the granny camera should be in plain sight.If your senior has a roommate, the roommate must grant permission to the elderly video monitoring systems.The answer depends on how you expect your elderly security cameras to “work”.