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One such evening, our friend was feeling lonely and did not know what better to do.

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In any case, our friend was no drunkard by any standards.He being a writer and a lover of literature liked to spend most of his time amidst books.He usually started his day with a long walk in the Lalbagh garden.I shall now narrate the experience our friend had on an evening sometime ago.Our friend had a habit of taking some alcoholic drinks sometimes in the evenings, when he felt that he was not in the right spirits.We host your online practice with lesson plans, text chat rooms and more.

1 On an evening some of us were having a chat in our senior friend’s bookshop located in the Basavanagudi area.As the conversation proceeded, the topic for the day settled down on ghosts and spirits. In spite of his known stance, he started narrating his experience that went against his beliefs.Since all of us present there that day, were interested in literature, naturally the conversation moved towards the stories of the supernatural. As a prelude, he quoted Masti Venkatesha Iyengar from one of his stories: “though several of us do not believe in the existence of spirits, we are also not sure that they do not exist.” Our friend was essentially narrating his own experience.As a bookseller, our friend had observed that, of late, the number of people reading books in Kannada had drastically gone down, while the number of authors who wrote was going up in geometric proportions!And so, there used to be a large number of young poets who published their own work and brought it to our friend for display and sale.So, he had now developed this plan of staying inside, in the ante-room whilst the boys sent away such visitors saying – “the boss is out” or “the owner is writing something important, he would not like to be disturbed”. He would say “It is one matter to have a love for literature and quite another to run a business, is it not? We should agree with whoever utters the truth, is it not?

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