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I occasionally selected dark stuff from online sources but I never talked about it, and my computer was protected against prying eyes. ” She grinned again and finished her vodka and coke. “I can show you films you’ll enjoy on a big screen in a small private cinema. The journey in the back of her Volvo, the blindfold, her refusal to answer questions when the car finally stopped, her hands guiding me through narrow alleys between high stone walls – it should have made me panic and run. Frost nipped my nose and ears as Mandy guided me out of the car, but after we’d negotiated the narrow alleys and a couple of staircases I breathed warm air, comfortable and musty as a Victorian parlour. As promised, we were in a miniature cinema, dimly lit, with four short rows of red velvet seats facing a large white screen. The traffic noise during the journey, the stopping and starting at road junctions, told me we’d driven into the city; but which part?I turned aside; I can’t bear to see women drinking vodka and coke. “Also castration fantasies,” she went on, “fem dom, forced - ” “What makes you suppose - ? They’re longer, more explicit and more graphic than anything you could ever find online. Perhaps her friendly façade and apparent personal interest assured me no harm was intended; at least, not tonight. Mandy gestured and I sat in the middle of the back row. She placed herself beside me, holding a remote control. The sounds had now faded to a whisper, either because we were distant from roads or because the building was sound-proofed. If she’d wanted me to know our destination she wouldn’t have blindfolded me. “Given your tastes, the third part will entertain you most, but the first part shows the kind of action most men enjoy.

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She was in her mid forties, short, heavily built, black hair barely covering her ears, no makeup, no jewellery except a gold filigree necklace; dark jacket, jeans, trainers; intelligent eyes, knowing smile. Possibilities flickered through my mind (hotel security, police, tabloid reporter, forgotten acquaintance? She wasn’t trying to pick me up, either, not in the usual sense. But I’d had my fill of love-making for one lifetime. My name, the fact that I’ve - ” “I know your taste in porn, Douglas: videos, DVDs, downloads.” How could anyone have discovered that?

* * * * * * * * She strode along the path through the shrubbery beyond Holland’s statue, a tall slender brunette wearing a short skirt. “’Scuse me, can you direct me to Holland Park tube station?

A young man appeared from behind the camera and approached her. ” She said “Yes” and pointed towards the east side of the park, and he put his hand up her skirt, fingers groping.

A woman out alone at night wearing a short skirt is asking for it.

If you hadn’t lashed out at me when I felt you up I wouldn’t have shagged you, I’d have gone to a brothel, so I guess that’s why you did it: you wanted a man to force his way into you, and you know there’s nothing like a show of resistance for making sure he fucks you good and hard.” He bent over her and spoke into her ear, but I could still hear his words. “Those rape crisis centre bitches will tell you it wasn’t your fault, any more than it’s your fault if you get mugged in the street. You know they’re lying to make you feel less guilty. One more makes no difference.” He stood straight, planted his booted foot on her stomach and grinned again. How old were you when had your first shag, Virginia? ” He laughed again, threw her handbag over the bushes and walked off screen towards the tube station, lighting a cigarette. Seemed to be set in the ‘80s but must be more recent since it’s so explicit. Objects shouldn’t have personal names or addresses, right? Just before the rapist had wandered away towards the tube station, nonchalant cigarette in mouth, he’d told her he knew her name and where she lived. I told her I didn’t understand the title of the film. The same rapist reappears in the rest of the film.” I frowned. In the interests of pornography it would be better to call the woman ‘specimen’ and give the man a – ” I realised I was on the verge of contradicting my new insight.

The setting was authentic: a border of geraniums around the lawn; azaleas rustling; a thrush hopping along the wall, another pecking at the lawn. She gave a long low moan and curled up in foetal position, legs together, knees up to her chin. “You’ve learned something about yourself, if you didn’t already know it: you’re a whore.

You didn’t need the orgasm to prove it, though; you announced it by wandering along the path showing your legs.

If you are likely to be offended by such scenes, please don't read my book!

Other parts of this novel (the results of online searches, the historical and scientific material) are genuine.

After the escort left I had another shower, put on fresh clothes and went down to the bar. “Yes, I know about you, Douglas: what you like, what you dislike.” Like and dislike are opposite faces of the same clay tablet. Did she know how I loved what I’d once (in poetic mood) described as the moth-wing sound of falling snow, tiptoeing to the ground in lambs’-wool slippers, but detested the melting slush that squelched like a half-decomposed corpse under my boots?

It was quiet: midweek, autumn, medium-price hotel outside town. ” “Brain of a pork pie and vocabulary to match,” I said, “so no conversation. I was wrong about the makeup; there was a trace of lipstick, blood red. You can’t have light without dark, summer without winter, joy without sorrow. How I loved the call of April skylarks rising into a crimson sunrise through air redolent with heather and peat, but hated the fog-bound mire of November when no bird sings? ” “You like pornography of a certain specialist sort.” She watched my face reel from the impact and grinned.

All except the final two chapters feature extreme, graphic scenes involving sexual assault and brutal punishments for it.

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