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If you suspect but are not sure whether there is an issue of cybersex use, it is appropriate to communicate your concerns to your partner.In any relationship, disclosure of compulsive cybersex use by one person creates an immediate crisis for the other.

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Cybersex may also include reading and writing sexually explicit letters and stories, placing ads to meet sexual partners as well as e-mailing to set up meetings in person.

Finally, pornographic software and files may be distributed on diskettes or compact discs.

Many people allow themselves to engage in sexual behaviors online which they would never do in the real world (e.g., S&M, cybersex with adolescents or children, presenting themselves as persons of the opposite gender, etc.).

As last call encroaches, we finally get hit on: a man invites us to admire his attractive wingman, pointing out that his own face resembles that of “a toilet salesman”; a soused Australian button­holes me by the bar and, without so much as offering me a drink, asks whose bed we’re off to. I once believed that if I kept becoming a better and more accomplished person, I would at least find the mate I deserved; at best, I’d have my pick of cute, funny guys for a lifetime or a month or a night, which, to be fair, is the subtext of every teen movie I’ve ever seen.

At 27, my romantic life consists mainly of odd hookups (odd because it’s bizarre to have sex with someone you wouldn’t want to stand naked in front of with the lights on); unconsummated dates that usually just waste my beer money; and noncommittal sexual friendships.

It’s way better than languishing in a bad relationship, and my life is rich in other ways. Work can’t stroke your hair when you’re waiting on medical results, much less tear your clothes off. When an acquaintance of mine, Sofi Papamarko, started her Toronto matchmaking service, Friend of a Friend, she was deluged with so many female applicants that she had to temporarily close registration for women and start hustling for guys.

Papamarko’s female clients tend to be “dazzling across the board,” she says, while many of the men “don’t have their lives nearly as together.” Yet her male clients often seek traditionally feminine virtues: young and pretty over successful.Ottawa and Halifax are 51.4- and 51.3-percent female, while Vancouver hovers around 51 percent. It’s like a factory.” Laura gestures at the table next to us. “I saw them evaluating us.” The table in question is occupied by James and Chris, two ordinary-looking men dressed in business casual, and Greg, wearing a black T-shirt and a gold chain.Montreal and Winnipeg ring in at 50.8 and 50.7 percent, respectively. “It’s so much easier to be a single guy than a single girl in Toronto,” says Chris. Chris and James work in banking, but the same pattern abides among the so-called sensitive types: writers, artists, people with humanities degrees, 64.9 percent of whom are female.These and other issues are best explored in therapy where you are “heard,” guided, encouraged, and accompanied on your journey to find healing and balance in your life. Her friends Laura and Michelle—equally accomplished, equally attractive—are sitting in a booth at Earls, a restaurant–cum–pickup joint for Toronto’s Financial District crowd.People often wonder if their partner’s use of cybersex is their fault. Feelings of self-blame, responsibility, not being sexy, pretty, or attractive enough are quite common.

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