Orissa dating women

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Orissa dating women

Although the Brahmin can follow any profession or means of livelihood, no one except a Brahmin can be a socially accepted priest.This was the main reason why many opposed the decision by the BJP government to offer a university degree in Hindu priesthood.

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It is customary for a Brahmin to be given a good feast at ceremonies.

During the British period, Brahmins were the first to respond to English education and the first to benefit from political and administrative power.

Since India’s independence in 1947 there has been large numbers of Cabinet Ministers, Chief Ministers, MPs and Members of the State Legislative Assemblies (MLAs).

In practice the caste and the profession are not to be treated as one. In fact, a majority of them are not and there is a striking range of diversities in terms of status and occupation among the Brahmin all over the country.

They are also identified by names such as Pandit, Purohit, Pujari and Shastri.

The acceptable age for marriage for women is eighteen and older for men.

Marriages are arranged by parents and monogamy is the norm.

Two broad territorial divisions exist among the Brahmin: the Panch Gour (Five Northerner) and the Panch Dravida (Five Southerner).

These two groups are separated by the central Indian Vindhya mountain range that almost bisects the country into two equal parts.

Brahma-Bhojana or feeding Brahmins is a socio-spiritual obligation.

Literacy levels among the Brahmin both sexes are very high as compared to those of other communities.

The first and longest-ruling Prime Minister of India, Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru was a Brahmin.