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Faux-lesbian kissing hasn’t been taboo since 1994.” The ad was pure queerbait, and fans immediately took notice.Queerbaiting refers to the practise of hinting at a romance or attraction between two characters of the same sex, without ever letting them develop a meaningful relationship. Since the first movie was released in 2012, fans have been rooting for Bechloe (a combined couple name for Becca and Chloe), and the filmmakers took notice, placing the duo in a series of bizarre queer-coded moments, without ever allowing them to develop an open romantic bond.

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If big studios want to stay relevant, they’ll need to make moves that are genuinely more diverse.

At the end of the garbage year that was 2017, which saw LGBTQ hate crimes on the rise in the United States and the United Kingdom, queer and trans folks need opportunities to see positive and nuanced reflections of ourselves on screen.

Those depictions help us to feel empowered, uplifted or less alone.

I’ve used, Ok Cupid, e Harmony and Tinder.

Oh, Tinder, most of those 75 dates were thanks to you, swiping left and right based on how attractive I found the men in the pictures.

video ad surfaced on Snapchat and quickly spread to fan accounts on Twitter and beyond. In it, Becca (Anna Kendrick) and Chloe (Brittany Snow)—two characters whose will-they-won’t-they-relationship has been drawn out over five years and two feature films—come toward each other as if they’re about to kiss.

In an alarmingly porny twist, just before they touch lips, Kendrick turns to the camera and instructs, “Swipe up for more.” ’s Cheryl Blossom, “Check your sell-by date, ladies.Lesbians were only featured in 35 percent of queer-inclusive movies, and bisexual characters showed up in a lousy 13 percent.While GLAAD flagged 23 mainstream films as queer-inclusive, nearly half of those flicks allotted less than one minute of screen time to their LBGTQ characters.Becca, for her part, doesn’t seem to realize Chloe might be into her. In general, queerness exists mostly as a punchline in the universe.For a franchise about college a cappella groups, the movies feature surprisingly few LGBTQ characters. Ugh.) We know that their horror stories often hit the same notes: the dates who “forget” their wallets, or show up looking nothing like their photo, talk obsessively about their ex, or down a bottle of wine and vomit in the taxi. Date Labbers rarely can describe just what sparks the spark — if we had a dollar for everyone who said, “I can’t quite put my finger on it …

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