Outlook updating inbox long time

13-Mar-2020 10:35 by 5 Comments

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New laptop and installed outlook 2013 and my first problem was not synching or allowing to delete an email from the inbox and the 2nd problem was not pulling in new emails.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Their 3rd level expert doesn't seem to think IMAP folders have anything in them! This is clearly driving thousands of your customers up the wall.

It has come to our attention that many Outlook 2013 and Office 365 users are having issues within synchronizing IMAP folders recently.

This appears to be happening across all hosts due to a recent update that Microsoft has pushed out to all of its users.

To do so, complete the following steps: Be sure to back up any existing emails or transfer to an offline location before making this change.

Replacing the root folder can possibly cause the loss of saved emails in the account.

I typically use outlook from as part of office 2013 on my desk top, but it dose not always sync so if I go to hotmail/or get my emails via my android phone or ipad the emails are not always the same.

I understand my folders may take some time to sync, but emails in my inbox are not getting to me on my desk top using outlook via office 2013. Thanks Hello Elizabeth, Sorry that you're having problem receiving emails on your desktop using Outlook 2013.Visit your Account Settings, then Advanced for the mail account that you are having trouble with.This can be located at one of the following: Worked like a charm for me in regards to two things I have been searching for 2 days.Microsoft Outlook is a 3rd party email client that has many versions and iterations that can vary from customer to customer.The thing to focus on with the client are the email settings being used, how they are set in the client, and other settings that affect your email accounts such as folder subscription. I also notice there is ZERO alignment between what OUTLOOK thinks is an IMAP folder and what I see looking at my mail directory in CPANEL.I recommend checking that there aren't a large number of email there, and possibly moving them to a different folder, such as "archive" or "backup." They will still be accessible, but will not have to load/list all of the sent files every time you access the folder.