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The movie is secretly about trauma-based mind control, the most sadistic practice known to man, so those behind it probably took sadistic pleasure in scaring young viewers around the world.

The things she sees and perceives are a thoroughly distorted version of the reality lived by Dorothy at the mental institution.This implies that Dorothy was programmed in believing that the thing that is torturing her is a friend. Tik Tok was part of the original book written by L.Frank Baum, but the link with the ECT machine was added by the good people at Disney who were obviously intent on giving this story a disturbing MKULTRA twist.For instance, her “best friend” in Oz is actually the ECT machine.Tik Tok, Dorothy’s lovable mechanical friend is actually the ECT machine.As Dorothy walks down the dark, scary hallways of the institution, we can hear “patients” screaming and lamenting.

This place is nothing less than an MK ULTRA programming site. Worley turned on the ECT machine, the power goes out.For this reason, he is perceived as the head of the Wheelers, a bunch of unpredictable jerks who wear terrifying masks. Worley is the chief handler, the main programmer of the MK slave.For this reason, Dorothy perceives him as the Nome King.He rules the Land of Oz because he rules the mind of Dorothy.There are more clues indicating that Dorothy never left the institution. The friends she makes in Oz are actually objects seen around the institution at the beginning of the movie.is considered by many as one of the most terrifying children’s movies ever made.

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