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These included details about the victim and the victim’s family’s response to the abuse, including the age at which she contacted the police and what had caused the victim to do so.The complainant was concerned that the article contained graphic detail about the nature of the offences, which he said should not have been repeated outside of the court hearing.

He was concerned that the inclusion of comments from the charity in the second article suggested they were directly involved in the case, which was inaccurate.5.

Reporting these details did not breach Clause 2.10.

The defendant’s comments on the offences had been referred to in court, and the newspaper was entitled to report these, in accordance with the principle of open justice.

The articles contained a number of details as to the nature of the offences.

The second article contained a statement from a charity commenting on the case. The complainant said that by including certain details from the court hearings, the publication had failed to protect the identity of the victim.

The Committee recognised that the details about the nature of the offences were extremely sensitive.

However, these details had been heard in court, and the newspaper was entitled to report these in accordance with the principle of open justice.The first article reported that an individual had pleaded guilty to sexual offences against a young child.The second article reported that he had been given a jail sentence for the offences.While the Committee acknowledged that the complainant strongly objected to his remarks, it was not inaccurate for the articles to report that these remarks had been made. The reference to the charity in the second article were general comments on the case, and did not suggest that they had any direct involvement.This aspect of the article was not misleading, and there was no breach of Clause 1 on this point.12.Both articles reported the period over which the offences occurred, by reference to month and year, and provided detail on the circumstances of the offences.

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