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Do they believe in independence and autonomy of each church or they are centralized manipulated or controlled by one man? Your contributions will be of help to test this newly founded religious group.

Jesus is both God and man, but being God, He knows all things, I John 3: 20 says: "For if our heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart, and knoweth all things." (1 John ) By the way, what Christian religion in the world from the 1st Century up to the present teaches that Christ does not know all things? One of the Characteristics of false Christian churches is that they lift up their leader above Christ and His churches.

Friends, do not let the group "Dating Daan" influence your thinking.

The Bible warns us of many false prophets and teachers nowadays (I Jn.4:1). If he did not have proper baptism, what right does he have to baptize others?

Such principle is unbiblical for the New Testament practice is that each church is sovereign, independent, and autonomous free from the control of outside organization, board, or any person.

New Testament practice is that each church governs herself and she has her own leader called in the New Testament times as bishop or pastor. That is why a True New Testament church does not have a headquarters here on earth for the head is Christ above, but false churches have their headquarters here on earth because their head are just here on earth.

Rather seek diligently and compare spiritual truths with spiritual, and prove which is right (I Cor.; Isaiah 55:1-7). Where did he get his authority to start a new religion?

Share your ideas about the background and teaching of this group, so we can test this new religion founded by man. Eli Soriano came from a religious group called "Iglesia Ng Dios".

Try discovering the history of Eli Soriano and his group.

I have nothing personal about him since we have not even meet ever since.

Originally posted by windjar Eli Soriano came from a religious group called "Iglesia Ng Dios".

Such church is a split from Iglesia Ni Kristo founded by Felix Manalo because they disliked Manalo's teaching that Jesus is just a man, but somehow, they carried some of Manalo's ideas, and did not made a complete turn about face from a false doctrine. Who baptized the founder of Iglesia ng Dios who came out from Eli Soriano?

Christ promised that his church will perpetuate despite severe persecutions (Matthew ; Eph.).

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