Patrick jane teresa lisbon dating fanfiction

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Patrick jane teresa lisbon dating fanfiction - not divorced yet dating

'Another wave of murmurs, louder this time, spread across the room, as the audience, having noted Jane's object of focus, collectively directed their attention to Lisbon.

' Jane continued, grinning mischievously.'Yeah that. I want you to know that.' Lisbon replied, eyes wide with earnestness.'I know. ' Lisbon said saucily.'We've been down this road before!She had to admit, the dress was gorgeous.'You're beautiful! I hate talking to rich, entitled people.''You'll be fine. She showed me what good work law enforcement agencies were doing.'Two things happened simultaneously. Immediately, bright camera flashes were directed toward Lisbon, eyes wide wearing an awkward smile.'Mr Mashburn, is she the agent you dated? ''Agent, what was it like to have dated Mr Mashburn?And I'll join you once I'm done awing the audience with my incredible magical powers! As in the case of the CBI, the FBI had sought to capitalise on Jane's many talents and had requested him to do a section of the show. 'I'll be waiting for you.' Lisbon added more gently. 'Well then, try and survive until I get back.'Lisbon frowned. You know, getting in touch with your inner self or something? The doorman opened the door to let Mashburn in, allowing Lisbon to hear his reply; Mashburn turned around and spotted a rather shocked Lisbon.'Good evening Teresa! ' Reporters yelled from behind the now shut glass doors.'Maybe we should go to the ballroom, and get away from... that...' Mashburn said, as he nodded toward the paparazzi, still straining to capture pictures of Mashburn and Lisbon. ' Lisbon said once away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.'Would you have preferred to tell them we were lovers? This was going to be a long night.xoxoxo'You know something? I came in behind him, and the paparazzi were swamping him asking questions, and he said something about dating an agent before, and then he saw Lisbon and made a beeline for her, and then the paparazzi began taking pictures of her.' Lydia said excitedly, all in one breath.'So you think it's Lisbon he was talking about? Lisbon never brought up the issue of him continuing to wear his ring.She really did not need a new dress, not when she had perfectly good ones in her wardrobe. Prepare to be amazed and astounded by my wonderful act!She especially did not need something so expensive. In fact, he had originally intended to get her dresses. ' Jane said with a wink, releasing Lisbon's arm, heading to search for and report to the event organiser.'Amazed and astounded? 'Jane simply laughed and blew a flying kiss dramatically in her direction.xoxoxo A flurry of activity amongst the paparazzi camped outside the hotel caught Lisbon's attention just as she was about to head out in search of Abbot.Stood by me through thick and thin.'Soft murmurs swept across the room, as curious glances searched for the woman in question. Focusing solely on her, Jane lifted his left hand for the audience to see.'Tonight, I'm taking this ring off, as a symbol of my commitment to this very precious woman, Teresa Lisbon.'With that, Jane took off his wedding ring and dropped it into the hat, tapping the hat with his wand, all the while maintaining eye contact with Lisbon.'Teresa, sweetheart!

Could you reach into your clutch and show the audience what you find?He knew she understood how much taking off his ring meant to him. Slipping back into his stage persona, Jane continued, 'Of course, there are other ways of expressing your love to those you care about. 'Laughter filled the ballroom as donors reached for their cheque books.Protecting them is a great way of showing your love don't you think? Jane flashed the audience one last brilliant smile as he descended the stage, heading towards Lisbon.xoxoxo'I see what you did there Patrick!To Lisbon's great surprise, Jane had been eager to give Lisbon a preview of his lineup for the night, asking for her opinion on his act, and even showing her how to do some of the tricks. Glancing at the paparazzi, Lisbon nodded and hurried towards the relative safety of the ballroom.'Walter Mashburn. ' Mashburn asked, leaning towards Lisbon, hands in his pockets, eyebrows raised, eyes gleaming.'We weren't... ' Lisbon said with a glare.'It was quite unforgettable...' Mashburn mused. ' Abbott said taking Mashburn's hand in a warm handshake.'We worked together on a couple of cases.''What Mr Mashburn means to say, is that he was a person of interest in two of our investigations in the CBI, Sir.' Lisbon interjected.'Well, Agent Lisbon could be your host for the night, if you like Mr Mashburn, I'm sure she would be delighted to do so.' Abbott said. What choice did she have.'That would be wonderful Agent Abbott! Turning to Lisbon, he said, 'Looks like we have the whole night to reminisce on our past... I think Agent Lisbon from Abbott's team once dated Walter Mashburn? ''Yeah, I mean, those reporters certainly seem to think so.''Oooohhh! She understood what it meant to him, and she was assured of his love for her.Although Lisbon had put on an air of indifference towards Jane's magic tricks, deep down inside, Lisbon was touched that he was sharing his little tricks with her. The last time I performed, the CBI raised an unprecedented amount. Lisbon was about to reply when Abbott came up to them, eyes dancing with curiosity. ' Lydia, a young brunette from Accounting gigglingly told her friend, Amelia.'Walter Mashburn, the billionaire? ' Amelia breathed.'You know, he seemed quite interested in her still. She didn't need him to stop wearing his ring to be certain of that he loved her deeply. his wedding ring was, after all, a public display of his commitment to another woman. He needed to seek out Mashburn and stake his claim on Lisbon.xoxoxo'So Teresa, maybe you and I can get together some time soon...''Walter Mashburn! ' Jane asked, positioning himself between Lisbon and Mashburn.'They invited me this year, and I was in town, so I thought, why not?You were practically pushing me into Mashburn's arms throughout the case! I need to get back to Mashburn.' Lisbon said quietly as she turned and left.'Lisbon... I...' Jane tried again, but Lisbon was already gone.xoxoxo Jane's act was going brilliantly.