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For the purposes of scientific research, we headed to Dream Girls and Mermaids to find out what you can expect.If you’ve seen the ads on the television for the Auckland branch, you might be expecting there to be a tank with girls swimming in it. Instead, there’s a central catwalk housing a couple of poles, with stools all around it, and around the edges of the room there are booths with tables with poles.

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Philippines Addicts forum offers the latest news, links, reviews, real time advice, Philippines hotel information, bar experiences, gogo bar and nightlife information.Dreamgirls down the road on Dixon Street is much less fancy with its fitout, but the stage is raised, which makes me happier.The backrooms are not fancy at all, and the women’s bathroom is pretty crappy. You can buy crappy overly sweet bubbles for at Dreamgirls.Most Philippines Addicts threads include in depth questions and answers containing photos, videos, current prices for all clubbing and travel related items, philippines nightlife, restaurants and travel activities, tips on shopping, traveling to other Philippine Island destinations plus loads of other useful Philippines Nightlife and travel information.The best thing about Philippines Addicts is the fact it's 100% free, takes literally seconds to join and enables you to meet up with other like minded individuals for all your needs in the Philippines from the foreign community.However, at Mermaids, the cheapest bottle of wine is 0. The admission price to Mermaids is usually for guys, but entry to Dreamgirls seems to be free.

As for the girls themselves, from one visit to each bar, my impression was the girls at Mermaids are more “professional” – expect to see more pole tricks and less laughing – but that might have been because we were at Dreamgirls early on a Wednesday, and late on a Friday (peak time) at Mermaids.

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I’d actually like to throw a party in the back room with its starry-ceilinged courtyard and curtained-offed areas, even if there weren’t topless women gyrating on my lap.

The central stage though is a bit more like a pit as it’s set down from the stools, and that didn’t sit well with the feminist in me.

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