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A loop road passes the trailheads for three short, paved walks to petroglyph sites, visiting about 150 drawings - many fewer than Rinconada Canyon which has over 1,000, but there are still plenty of impressive specimens.Unlike other areas of the monument, a parking fee is charged here, of $1 weekdays and $2 weekends.

There are three designated sites for visitors, at Rinconada Canyon, Boca Negra Canyon and Piedras Marcadas Canyon (see map), part of Petroglyph National Monument, which was created relatively recently (1990) and includes 11 square miles of the mesa together with five fissure volcanoes, reached by a less-traveled route to the west.

Access is from Golf Course Road near the junction with Paradise Boulevard.

The drawings are just as good as those at other areas though this location is the closest to the Albuquerque suburbs, so noise and litter can be present.

The national monument, to which entry is free, is well signed from both nearby interstate highways (I-15 and I-40), and reached by wide city streets through residential districts.

First stop should be at the visitor center, situated at the foot of the mesa along Western Trail NW, from where the most interesting site (Rinconada Canyon, which has the longest trail) is one mile south, while the other two are a few miles further north.

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The main part of the monument, in the east, adjoins the Albuquerque suburbs so a visit here is a long way removed from a wilderness experience but the land on the plateau is suitably arid and desert-like, sprinkled with cacti and home to rattlesnakes, lizards and other elusive creatures.

Despite the proximity to the city, the petroglyphs are largely free of modern graffiti, and although some are faded and indistinct, many are crisp and well defined.

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