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During the Paleolithic, two major culture provinces can be recognized in Asia, each of which has yielded a distinctive sequence.

There the pebble-tool tradition persisted to the very end of Paleolithic times uninfluenced by contemporary innovations characteristic of the western portion of the continent.As in the latter areas, the oldest materials are of Abbevillian type, and this is followed by the entire Acheulean cycle of development, just as in the case of the Stellenbosch of the Vaal valley.Choppers and chopping tools made on pebbles and showing Sohanian affinities have been found throughout peninsular India in deposits of Middle Pleistocene age.In Central Asia, few investigations of Paleolithic sites have been conducted.Surface finds of Acheulean-type hand axes have been reported from Turkmenistan, and several Mousterian localities have been excavated in southeastern Uzbekistan.Also in northern China, several Upper Paleolithic sites are known in the provinces of Shanxi, Shaanxi, and northern Gansu, in the region encompassed by the great bend of the Yellow River (Huang He).

Collectively known as the Ordosian, these materials are of Upper Pleistocene age.

This suggests the probability that Lower Pleistocene horizons will ultimately be found in this area containing only pebble tools, as in the case of Africa.

No convincing evidence has been reported to indicate that a blade–burin complex was introduced into India before the close of Paleolithic times.

Antler and bone implements belong to this complex, known as the ), pebble tools, together with quartz-flake implements, occur in quantity.

This assemblage, which is known as the Zhoukoudianian, is of Middle Pleistocene age; it forms an integral part of the chopper-chopping tool tradition of East and Southeast Asia.

The Levalloiso-Mousterian found in the next-younger horizon is associated with a series of Neanderthaloid burials at one of the Mount Carmel Caves of Israel and at Shanidar Cave in northern Iraq.

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