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The former, which is called the Sohanian (or Sohan), has been reported from five successive horizons, each of which yields pebble tools that are associated with flake implements.

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Choppers and chopping tools made on pebbles and showing Sohanian affinities have been found throughout peninsular India in deposits of Middle Pleistocene age.

Elsewhere in this region, pebble tools have been reported from deposits apparently of Middle Pleistocene age in western Thailand, for which the name Fingnoian has been proposed.

In northern Malaysia a large series of choppers and chopping tools made on quartzite pebbles and found in Middle Pleistocene tin-bearing gravels have been referred to collectively as the Patjitanian, is known from a very prolific site in south-central Java.

In part contemporary with the Early Sohanian is a series of hand axes of Abbevilleo-Acheulean affinities, which occur in profusion at numerous sites in India from Gujarat state in the north to the Chennai (Madras) area in the south.

These sites yield hand axes, cleavers, and flake tools that are distinctly reminiscent of assemblages from southern and eastern Africa.

This suggests the probability that Lower Pleistocene horizons will ultimately be found in this area containing only pebble tools, as in the case of Africa.

No convincing evidence has been reported to indicate that a blade–burin complex was introduced into India before the close of Paleolithic times.Also in northern China, several Upper Paleolithic sites are known in the provinces of Shanxi, Shaanxi, and northern Gansu, in the region encompassed by the great bend of the Yellow River (Huang He).Collectively known as the Ordosian, these materials are of Upper Pleistocene age.Late Anyathian, a direct development from the earlier stage, smaller and better-made core and flake artifacts are found.No hand axes or flakes produced by the prepared striking-platform–tortoise-core technique have been found in Myanmar.Certain Paleolithic assemblages from India and Pakistan demonstrate that during Pleistocene times the region played an intermediate role between western Asia and East Asia.

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