Radiocarbon dating laboratory uk

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Radiocarbon dating laboratory uk

Many of the sites and projects from which dates have been obtained are published, although, when many of these measurements were produced, high-precision calibration was not possible.At this time, there was also only a limited range of statistical techniques available for the analysis of radiocarbon dates.

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It is nearly fifty years now since Willard Libby's concept of Radiocarbon Dating spread like wildfire and captured the imagination of every archaeologist and Quaternary geologist world-wide.

The legendary Bill Libby became a firm supporter of our laboratory, and a personal mentor until he died.

I used to stay at his house in Santa Monica, watching the sun go down over the Pacific and arguing furiously well into the night with generous doses of libation.

It was a beautiful piece of intuitive deductive thinking, backed up by the barest minimum of experimental effort to demonstrate its validity.

I have been impressed how frequently this seems to happen in science, where the genius rank prove the point and the next wave improves the technique and fills in the detail.

One of these was a particularly gifted fellow student called Richard West with whom the term brotherhood has taken on a lifelong meaning.

Richard and his cohorts gave me my first taste of inter-disciplinary science.

It was thus in early 1952 that Harry Godwin, who had recently formed the University Sub-Department of Quaternary Research in the Botany School, applied for a grant from the Nuffield Foundation of eight thousand pounds over five years to create the Cambridge Laboratory.

Harry secured the enthusiastic advice of Alfred Maddock, a radiochemist by avocation and a walking encyclopaedia by nature, to steer the technical side.

An introduction provides discussion of the character and taphonomy of the dated samples and information about the methods used for the analyses reported and their calibration.

The datelist has been collated from information provided by the submitters of the samples and the dating laboratories.

This volume holds a datelist of 1285 radiocarbon determinations carried out between 19 on behalf of the Ancient Monuments Laboratory of English Heritage.

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