Radiometric dating of moon rocks

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We now have over 380 kg of rocks from nine places on the Moon, rocks that have been analyzed by hundreds of scientists from many different countries.

The predominance of ages clustering between 3.8 and 4.0 Ga was a major, unexpected discovery obtained from geochronological studies of lunar impact melts, and is the basis of the concept that a cataclysmic bombardment of large planetesimals struck the Earth and Moon, and possibly the entire inner Solar System, about 3.85 ± 0.10 billion years ago.

As a test of the cataclysm hypothesis, we measured high-resolution (20–50 steps) Ar age spectra on 25 samples of Apollo 16 impact melt breccias using a continuous laser heating system on sub-milligram fragments.

Twenty-one of these 25 breccias produced multi-step plateaus that we interpret as crystallization ages, with 20 of these ages falling in the range 3.75–3.96 Ga.

This is the familiar hemisphere of the Moon, for the Moon always has the same face turned toward Earth.(NASA) When Galileo first observed the Moon through a telescope, he discovered that its dark areas are fairly smooth and its bright areas are rugged and densely pockmarked with craters.

He called the dark areas maria, the Latin word for seas, and the bright areas terrae (lands).

The maria and terrae can even be distinguished from Earth by the naked eye.

As shown in Figure 4.1, the maria on the near side of the Moon appear to be dark and smooth, with only a few large craters.

It will certainly be revised as we continue to explore the solar system and beyond, but the basic elements of the theory are firmly established.

In July 1969, a human stood for the first time on the surface of another planet, seeing landscape features that were truly alien and returning with a priceless burden of Moon rocks and other information obtainable in no other way.

Long ago the distance from Earth to the Moon was measured and the diameter of the Moon determined.

Early astronomers realized that the Moon's rotation period and its period of revolution are the same; thus it keeps one hemisphere facing Earth at all times.

Moreover, many of the Moon's surface features have become well known, especially since the days of Galileo, the first to study the Moon through a telescope.

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    But not until the 1960s---and the inception of space travel with its sophisticated satellites and probes and the eventual Moon landing---did man begin to appreciate the significance of the Moon as a planet.

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