Rafael nadal dating history

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Rafael nadal dating history - michaael phelps dating

What do you guys think of Rafael and his girlfriend Xisca? Please, leave your opinions in the comment box below.He says his family and support team “cocoon me from the dangerously distracting hurly-burly that comes with money and fame, and create the environment of affection and trust I need to allow my talent to flower.

Want to know about the love affairs of Tennis genius Rafael Nadal? Rafael Nadal and his girlfriend Maria Francisca are in a relation for more than 8 years. Rafael Nadal is very reserved about his love life so, he hasn't talked openly about his relation with his girlfriend.Mayer recovering from his first round loss in the last year competition to advance to the second round.other tennis stars are also part of the competition.But just who is the girl dubbed Nadal’s ‘secret’ girlfriend by the British press?Maria Francisca Perello was born in 1988, growing up in the small Mallorcan industrial town of Manacor.Xisca Perello has become an important part of Nadal's life since she started dating him in 2005.

Rafael Nadal stated to the Huffingpost that there are three most important persons in his life who has continuously supported him and they are his mother, sister, and his girlfriend Xisca.

If he goes out, he’ll remind me before leaving to put out the fire before I go to sleep. If I followed him everywhere, I think there’s a risk we might stop getting along.” She remembers a time when they were in Paris and he had to go to a dinner hosted by one of his sponsors.

And then he’ll phone three times from whatever restaurant or bar he is in to make sure I’ve done so.” Nadal’s girlfriend since 2005, Maria Francisca Perelló “Travelling together everywhere, even if I could, would not be good either for him or for me,” says Maria Francisca, who has a degree in business administration and a full-time job with an insurance company in Palma, Mallorca. “He asked me if I wanted to go, but I chose not to,” she says. When Rafael got back he said, ‘Thank God you didn’t come’. For me to have gone would have meant stepping into that celebrity world.

He is one of the most celebrated tennis players in the world.

The Spain international, Rafael Nadal has earned a huge number of fans and supporters and on the other hand, he has also earned a very good amount of money.

Rafael Nadal has maintained his love relation very nicely as he sometimes manages his busy schedule to date his girlfriend Xisca.